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Senior Evangelist J.0. Popoola
Secretary - C.C.C. U.S.A. SECRETARIAT

March 12, 1998

The Secretaries/Parishioners Celestial Church of Christ U.S.A.

Dear brethren in the Lord

Greetings in the name of our heavenly Father. May His grace be upon you all. Amen. The followings are some of the past, current and future affairs affecting our organization in U.S.

New Parish In Orlando - Florida.

Celestial Church of Christ, first parish in Orlando under the leadership of senior evangelist Joseph Okutiero is currently in operation. The church address and telephone number will be mailed out to all parishes as soon as possible.

Fire Accident/Lack of Insurance.

Imole Ayo parish in Philadelphia was burned down last week according to the information reaching our desk. We learned the parish was not insured. Please assist them financially via the national secretariat.

Amissa Service in New Jersey - April 18, '98.

There will be amissa service in remembrance of late George Adekunle Martins, the son of lace superior Wright, who slept in the Lord on February 25, 1998. The venue is Sunset Parish at 2:00 pm prompt. I would like to thank every parish and member who expressed their condolences in cash and kind during the trying period. May the soul of the departed rest in perfect peace. Amen.

Reference the appeal for donation from all parishes by the Head of Overseas Dioceses, Superior Evangelist P.H. Ajose, on the same subject please, send your contributions to the national secretariat. If donation from your district, zone and/or parish was sent through another channel kindly forward your name and the amount to the secretariat immediately. Proper accountability is expected by our father in London.

Sound of Wedding Bell In May '98 From Covenant Parish - DC.

Honorary Evangelist (Prophet) Olumide of Covenant parish (formerly Providence Parish - Rhode Island) will tie the knot with 'Ms Best' in May this year. Sorry! the service would not take place in C.C.C. Our full participation in the service and reception is highly solicited. More detail will be released next month. All are cordially invited. Anxious? Please contact Covenant (Majemu) parish.


It is high time we began given honor to one another in age, seniority and position in Celestial Church of Christ - U.S.

Before and after I became the national secretary of our organization in America, I have always girdled myself with

humility and humour in serving you all. Unfortunately, some of us are full of misconceptions regarding this office. For .instance:

a) Invitations. A number of parishes have wrongly accused me because of my absence in their general or special moral/religious rites. The missing link is their mailing list in which the secretariat's address has been clorox. Who compiled and mailed the list? Whose address is on the letter head? Whose address followed both International and overseas addresses with the telephone, fax and beeper numbers? If the conspicuous label is opaqued by serpentine nature

national secretary deserves benefit of doubt.

In addition, how much or often do you pay NIS dues? Has any parish ever covered my travelling expenses before and after in full? Am I not a church worker like those who receive financial preference attention from you? Do you think God is sleeping? Please stop treating me an orphan "Omo Oku Orun" whenever we accidentally meet. The Lord Jehovah is the provider of all good things.

b) Casual/Late Information. With due respect to all church workers, please do unto me as Let us respect one another's offices and share information accurately and timely. Do not wait until we meet at the rail crossing before sending me notices officially. I believe you all have able secretaries in your parishes. Others may learn from Metro parish (D.C) and New York zone secretaries including Hon Senior Evangelist (Prophet) George oergeI Covenant parish in D.C.

c) National Interest. May I appeal to my seniors and others to brief or involve me in any issue or decision affecting general welfare of C.C.C. U.S. Let us follow the rule and order. Failure to adhere to the true and divine policies for the progress of this church may be too costly in time, money and emotion.

d) Return Calls. Lack of funds for this office would hinder our ability to return your calls henceforth. Please utilize postal/fax technology in communication until we resolve financial problem facing the national secretariat.

e) For Your Record. Concerning the incorporators for C.C.C./U.S., H/S/E. Akindude of New Jersey/New York gave me a copy of the letter sent to them by his office. It was last week during the burial service for late George. The same is provided for record purpose. Please retain in your file.


Annually, we are robbed spiritually because of these factors namely: Money, lateness/improvisation and bad planning. This year, I pray divine Spirit guide us through. Amen.

i) We may start collecting special easter funds every Sunday until easter time. Insufficient fund would make the shepherd's trip very difficult causing delay in administering feet washing and sacrament for the members.

ii) All district evangelists may send out their circulars detailing time, venue and cost to the parishes. The Head of overseas Dioceses expects them in London on the 7th of April unfailingly for the washing of feet.

iii) Inability to plan ahead and deliver water/sacrament to the parishes is detrimental to the welfare of the members. We will eliminate improvisation by few leaders/shepherds i/c if all the items are delivered promptly. In the name of God and Celestial Order, let us all avoid regular Giant bread and orange juice which do not represent the body and blood of Christ. Wishing you all a very happy Easter in advance.

December '97 Appeal For $25.00.

I'd like to thank the six parishes and three individuals who responded positively to my request last year. May God richly bless you all. Special thanks to sunset parish in New Jersey and Covenant (Majemu) in Washington, DC. To the rest of us, may the Lord satisfy our needs accordingly. Amen. Please remember me in your prayer always.


Senior Evangelist J.0. Popoola.

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