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Celestial Church of Christ


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March 10th 1998.

Dear Brethren-in-Christ,

Halleluyah 3x.

I am asked to inform you to please comply with the following instructions.

1. Celestial Church Of Christ recently purchased a piece of land along Sagamu -Ibadan expressway to accommodate our secretariat complex. We still owe our landlord a substantial sum of money. During the workers meeting at Imeko Ogun State in February it was unanimously agreed that all parishes worldwide must chip in in order to liquidate this debt. The parishes in USA were grouped into A, B, and C respectively. The District/Zonal Evangelists will list the parishes into these groups.

Group A will pay $150.00, Group B $100.00 Group C $50.00. All monies to be forwarded to the head of diocese through the district evangelist before the end of March 1998.

2. Last year during the X-mas convocation a pastoral order was put into effect. Instead of ending our halleluyah towards the women's side, at the end of service it was decided we end it at the men's. We are now ordered to return to our usual way i.e. to end our halleluyah at the female side.

As Easter is at hand all sectional heads to please come to Baltimore on April 8th to wash their feet at 2.00pm prompt so that they could return in time in order to prepare for general washing of feet on Thursday 9th of April. The usual fee of $50.00 per parish will be collected to cover my travelling expenses. Seasonal greetings to all of you from the Pastor and the Head of diocese.


Sr. Evangelist A. I. Iremiren (East District Evang)

cc, The Pastor/Supreme Head C. C. C Worldwide:
    Head of overseas dioceses.
    District/Zonal Evangelists
    All Parishes USA.

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