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Oakland Parish

4001 Webster Street
Oakland CA, 94609

510 655 3191

Welcome Address  

Celestial Church of Christ, OAKLAND PARISH, warmly welcome you whom the Lord has given the grace to visit Celestial Church of Christ World Wide Web site. May the Almighty God continue to shower his abundant blessings over you and your family.

Now that you are here, are you looking for a place of worship? A place of worship you can call home? A place where you can be inspired spiritually? A place where people truly care about your well being? Are you troubled by what is going on in your life? Are you seeking a fulfilling and rewarding life experience? Do you want to work with people who are fully dedicated to the upliftment of God’s work in an environment that foster and promote unity and love?

My name is Matthew Osiuhwu, the Leader in Charge of Celestial Church of Christ in Oakland. If you say yes to any or all of these questions, kindly join us for a day of worship and see what a difference Jesus Christ and Prayers can make in your life.

  • You are also welcome to the church at any time of the day for spiritual guidance and the power of God through prayer on matters such as:
    • Barrenness
    • Physical or Spiritual blindness
    • Removing invincible load and bondage
    • Victory over Satanic forces and dreams
    • The sick regain their health and many marvelous works through the Holy Spirit

ALL THESE WILL BE DONE FREE OF CHARGE IN THE NAME OF JESUS! "Come and you will be blessed and set free!!! Matthew 10:8

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