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 Directions to Oakland Parish
Starting from
Metro Oakland International Airport ( OAK )
OAKLAND, CA. 94621
(510) 577-4000
Arriving at
Linden street and 28 st
Oakland, CA.

Fastest route

  Travel time
About 10.9 miles, 0 hours 24 minutes.
  Total Miles  Directions
1. 0.0 Start out going Southeast on PASSENGER TERMINAL ACC.
  Drive a short distance.
2. 0.0 Bear SLIGHT LEFT to turn onto AIRPORT EXIT.
  Drive 0.5 miles.
3. 0.5 Turn RIGHT onto AIRPORT DR.
  Drive 0.1 miles.
4. 0.6 Turn RIGHT at the intersection of NEIL ARMSTRONG WAY to stay on AIRPORT DR.
  Drive 1.3 miles.
5. 1.9 Turn RIGHT onto HEGENBERGER RD.
  Drive 0.8 miles.
6. 2.7 Take the I-880 NORTH ramp.
  Drive 0.2 miles.
7. 2.9 Merge onto I-880 N.
  Drive 6.2 miles.
8. 9.2 Follow the signs to stay on I-880 N.
  Drive 0.2 miles.
9. 9.5 Take the MARKET ST exit on the RIGHT towards HARBOR TERM.
  Drive 0.2 miles.
10. 9.6 Merge onto MARKET ST.
  Drive 1.2 miles.
11. 10.9 Turn LEFT onto 28TH ST.
  Drive 0.2 miles.
12. 11.0 Turn RIGHT onto LINDEN ST.
  Drive a short distance to your destination at Linden street and 28 st.


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