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Hephzibah-Beulah Parish (Is. 62:4-5)

14201 S. San Pedro Street
LA/Gardena, CA 90061
Tel: 310.324.6300 Fax: 310.324.6321

Welcome Message from The Shepherd/Provost
Superior Evangelist S.F. Adeniyi, Ph.D., D.Min, MRRA

 You are welcome into the website of Celestial Church Of Christ Hephzibah-Beulah Parish located on the unincorporated area of Los Angeles and Gardena boundary. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ abound in your life, Amen.

Those who are familiar with the history of Celestial Church Of Christ in the USA will bear witness about how the Lord has done bountifully with us in our Parish as a record of miracle. This is the living example of the claim that the “Lord is our Shepherd”, which the parishioners hold tenaciously to because it was a real experience anchored solely on faith about the shepherd you cannot behold virtually, over a period of time. This is a miracle of our time! During this time, we were fed with physical and real “divine manna” from above. This is worth mentioning that during our journey in the ‘wilderness’, on a usual Friday Night Vigil, between the hours of 3 am and 6 am, we all observed (adults and children) and witnessed some flaky substance right from the altar down that formed a cross at the middle of the church. Being amazed, we had no fear to pick and eat. This act of miracle remained there for a period of seven days and melted off. You are invited to come and have a taste of this grace and glory. May the Lord bless your soul.


“You Are Called to Make A Ripple Effect”

“Ye are the salt of the earth ….”. Matt. 5:13-16

Those who live to be salt and light in the world will surely make ripples of impact on the lives around them. Jesus never intends to make us to be salt and light in the sealed container. God has invested and bestowed mightily in each of His children’s specialized abilities and talents, so that He can work in and through us to affect others.

1. SALT: It flavors, sweetens, penetrates and affects all the things it touches. It is only ruined by impurities. Our saltiness can also be ruined by sin, which can cause our lives to be tasteless, powerless, and ineffective. 2. LIGHT: John 9:5 “…. I am the light of the world”. His spirit lives inside every believer and we reflect His light to those in darkness around us. Just like the Moon that has no light of its own but reflects the Sun. By our conversation, conduct, and character, we are the reflection of Christ dwelling in us. Just like the flavor, sin reduces our light. It is like soot on a lantern globe, the more there is, the less light you can see. Sin does not suit the children of God because it diminishes our effectiveness and influence.

3. RIPPLE: Jesus our Lord did not just cause a ripple of impact, His ripple was like a tidal wave that circles the globe from the moment He came to the scene. Apostle Paul sowed the word of God in his days that began to grow and influence lives over two thousand years later. His epistles are still impacting us. The big question is what kind of impact do you want to be? It is obvious beyond any shadow of doubt that the most important avenues for accomplishing a limitless treasure of potentials endowed by God to prosper and make ripple effects on the life of the children of His kingdom, is through partnership in faith. You and us, let us join together and tap these potentials and release them for God’s infinite Glory.

Jesus told us, we are the salt of the world. It is not by choice but by a mandate to be a strong influence for good in the life of other people who are without Christ. “And God is able to make all grace abound towards you that ye; always having all sufficiency in all things may abound to every good work”. 2Cor. 9:8

Reject Not The Call. CCC Hymn 205

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