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Celestial Church Of Christ
8, Ransome Kuti Road,
Opposite Newest Hall,
University of Lagos,
Akoka, Lagos – Nigeria.

Key Information About Our Parish

  • Parish was founded on April 2 1989. We always do our harvest every third Sunday in August

Contact Information

  • E-mail:
  • Tel: 08033031183 C/O Bro. Elijah E. A.

Important Information


1.       Co-ordinator                             Bro. Wale Akeju –  Dept. of Psychology

2.       Asst. Co-ordiantor                     Bro. Biodun Olutana – Dept. of Accounting

3.       Sec. General                              Bro. Lanre Olajide – Dept of

4.       Asst. Sec. General                     Bro. Eli Adogun – Dept. of Psychology

5.       Welfare Secretary                    Bro. Opeyemi Isiaka –  Dept of Chem. Eng.

6.       Service Co-ordinator                 Bro. Segun Sadiq –  Dept. of Mech. Eng.

7.       Asst. Service Co-ordinator         Bro. Samuel Abiona – Dept of Physics

8.       Prayer group                                       Bro. Ayo Fafore – Dept. of Chem Eng.

9.       Treasurer                                 Sis. Jumoke Akeredolu – Dept. of Accounting

10.     Financial Secretary                   Bro. Sunday Adewunmi – Dept of Accounting

11.      Choir leader                              Bro. Shola Agbabioka – Dept. of Chem. Eng.

12.     Drama group leader                   Bro. Femi Akinola – Dept. of Insurance

13.     Sister’s cordinator                    Sis Nike Ariwodola – Dept. of Systems Eng.

14.     Transportation Sec.                   Sis. Motunrayo Olaniyan –Dept. of Estate Mgt.

15.     P. R. O.                                     Bro. Damilola Olabinta -

16.     Evangelism group leader             Ayo Iyaomolere – Dept. of Economics

The population sensor of the parish is about 200 and above regular worshippers.

Weekly Programmes

Mondays 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Bible dialogue (Bible lesson)

Tuesdays 6pm – 10pm

Choir rehearsals 6pm – 8pm

Board of executive meeting 8pm – 10pm

Wednesdays 7 – 8pm

Prayer Meeting

Thursdays 6pm - 8pm

General Worship service


Night vigil once in every two weeks.


At the end of every symester we organise a big programme for students on campus and the general Celestial Youths from all over the world.

The Student Parish also have sub groups

 1)       Entertainment and drama group

 2.       Visitation team

3)      Research team

4)      Editorial team


The fellowship is an affiliate of the Celestial Media Ministry, under the supervision of Elder brother Elijah Etienne Adogun, who is also a member of the fellowship executive committee.


The fellowship also has an alumni association for Celestial Church Of Christ students that pass through University of Lagos.  Interested people can contact the alumni association through our E-mail address.


The fellowship also have an extended branch for UNILAG students in college of medical science, located at Idiaraba, Lagos. Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) which is under the spiritual supervision of brother David (a medical science student).  Seyi Mojeed (member committee).



 MALE MEMBERS                                                  FEMALE MEMBERS

Elder Bro. Lambert Adogun                                     Elder Sister Comfort

Elder Bro. Paul Taiwo                                             Sister Helen

Bro. Seyi Kalade                                                     Sister Toyin

Prophet Emmanuel Ligali                                          Sister Itunu Fugbemi

Bro. Yomi Ogunleye                                                Sister Funmi Fakile

Bro. Olumide                                                          Sister Tosin Oduola

Bro. Seun                                                               Sister Yeside Osuniyi

Bro. Ayo Adesokan                                                 Sister Anu

Bro. Micheal Orimobi                                             Sis. Sogo Aturu


The fellowship also has competent members that minister in conferences and different church inter-denominational programmes.


The fellowship is also in good relationship with the celestial different youth organisations like the Gospec Mission and greater tommorow youths, which are all under the general celestial youth organisation with its secretarial at CBF (Central Bible Fellowship) located at end of Ogongbomila Street, Ilaje, Bariga, Lagos – Nigeria.

First Thursdays of every month       new moon service.

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