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Thus way, walk therein, and yea shall find rest for your souls, saith the Lord, stand ye in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good

  1. Service conductors must sanctify themselves, keeping off from all impurities for three days prior to the Lord’s day or any other service day Exod.19:10-15. They should also be fully in Spirit as expected of Priests
  2. All elders in the Church should put on their robes as appropriate for their respective ranks in accordance with the laid down tenet of the Church. On Sundays and New Year-day, they should all appear in their full regalia.
  3. It is very important for all literate members to cultivate the habit of reading the Bible in order to save themselves from any embarrassment if and when they are called upon to read the Bible or any other book
  4. The Bible passage should always form the theme upon which sermon should be based. And preachers should not condemn any other religion or faith. Moreover, sermons should be devoid of Politics. The congregation is interested solely in listening to the word of God.
  5. Noise making, loitering and unnecessary discussions or meetings during service hours, are abominable to God. - Eccl.5:1-3.
  6. Members should always wear sutana that cover their nudity, - Rev.3:18
  7. Painting of lips or fingers is not allowed in the house of God. Only moderate and decent dressing and appearance is acceptable unto the Lord. - Timothy 2:9-10.
  8. During normal service, the use of musical instruments starts from the time of collection and lasts till the end of thanks-offering. At other moments, only organ is allowed.
  9. However, during services dedicated to harvest, Child-naming, marriage, or birthday celebrations, instruments are allowed. But everything should be done in a solemn and orderly manner.  NOTE however, that irrespective of the occasion or celebration, vocalling and musical instruments are prohibited from the time of "Yarah Sarah" to O Christ my King
  10. The type of service and the Bible passage to be read should be taken unto consideration before selecting hymns to be sung. For example, victory songs should not be rendered in place of blessing songs and vice versa.

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