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Code of Conduct

  The following is a summary of rules, regulations and tenets of Celestial Church of Christ.

Members are forbidden to:

  1. Commit Adultery or Fornication
  2. Drink Alcohol, Wine and Smoke Cigarettes
  3. Eat Pork & Crawling Animals
  4. Merry-go-round at night
  5. Wear transparent dress, especially for Soutana while in the Church premises
  6. Wear Red or Black apparel, except for professional reasons
  7. Sit male & female members side by side inside the Church

While in the Church premises, Female members are forbidden to:

  1. Leave their heads uncovered
  2. Paint their lips and nails

While in the Church premises, Male members are forbidden to:

  1. Wear their hair too long

Women NEED to be Sanctified by an elder in the Church after 7th day of their monthly cycle

  1. Spiritual Items:Soap, Water, Sponge, and a candle stick


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