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Internet Presence

Celestial Church of Christ Establishes Internet Presence

December 15, 1997 -- Halleluyah!!!  With the help of some dedicated Celestians and forward thinking parishes, Celestial Church of Christ now has a dominant presence on the World Wide Web.  The main focus of this page is to present a unified and cohesive communication vehicle for Celestial Church of Christ as a whole, world-wide.

Economics of Scale - Instead of each Parish developing their own sites, we have taken this initiative to help consolidate all the sites such that we can all share the cost of maintaining the site.  Each site will have equal opportunity of placing their information on the Web site.

Communication - As the web site evolve, we hope to use it as a vehicle to communicate news about Celestial Church of Christ on a global basis, both information geared toward Celestians and no Celestians alike.

Cooperation - We are constantly looking for parishes within the Church who are willing to recognize this unique opportunity and join the bandwagon.  We strongly believe that there are lots of benefits all Celestians stand to gain by rallying around this venture -- remember the old adage "United we stand, divided we fall"

Love - We hope that cooperative initiatives such as this will help foster improved christian fellowship, love,  and unity in the church.

For More Information Contact:

Celestial Church of Christ
PO Box 20, Three Bridges, NJ 08887

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