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The following are comments and reactions from other Celestians concerning this multi-million dollar purchase of property in Dallas, USA by the Redeemed Christian Church of God.  Send your comments to the Webmaster if you'd like your own contribution published as well!


Food for thought for true Celestians in the USA and UK. Where are we and what are we doing for God's work in these part of the world. S/E V. Adewusi, Rhode Island USA (April 3, 2003)


Never worry yourself about this at all. It is a clear indication that God will only move with people who are ready to move. I will suggest we look back into the news archives of NTA, OYTV, OGTV and host of others in the late 70s and early 80s when the glory of this church was at the peak. We lost it, Redeemed Christian Church answered the Call. I wonder what CAC is thinking, what C&S is thinking when they see Redeem do this. All those who want to stay with tradition will never understand what this means. My conclusion, God is doing a new thing in the world today with a great rival in the Land, Celestial is not part of that. So let's leave it alone. Just like the Apostolic Faith will praise God for Pastor Adeoye who left them years back and put his focus on winning souls for God, Let the minds that think a like come out of tradition in Celestial and join the new move of God in the Land. S/E V. Aigbogun, Irvine,  California USA (April 3, 2003)


As far as I do know, this is a wake up call to those that still belongs to CCC. It is never too late to salvage anything.  The church is still great regardless, if only the POWER HUNGRYones can step aside and allow the dedicated ones to run and manage the CHURCH WORLD WIDE L/E/S. B. Balogun, Dallas, Texas USA (April 3rd, 2003)


I am not worried for I saw it coming long time ago. I am still confident of one thing though, that the spirit of God is still with Celestial Church of Christ. My only concern is that the spirit of God is not allowed to move mightily because of the attitude of bunch of greedy, self-conceited, arrogant, not bible centered so called pastors and evangelists.. I will not blame people that left Celestial Church to be part of this new movement where the true word of God is being shared. People are really hungry for the WORD and not stories, for the true spirit of worship and fellowship in Christ. I think celestians need to wake up and put on the whole armour of God as is written in the book of Ephesians 6.. IT IS NOT TOO LATE! Thanks for sharing this with us.   L/E/S Stella Ogunleye, Dallas, Texas USA (April 5, 2003)

Wow! Hopefully someday, Celestial Church will be able to lay claim to such progress. May the almighty continue to lead us on his path of righteousness.  S/L Tosin Olorunnisola, Ewing, NJ USA (April 14, 2003)

 God is great, and to his true people he claims his greatness. God has provided much, much, and better things for Celestial Church, but instead of celestians to give it up to the glory of God; they will rather fight for themselves, their pocket, and position, which is ungodly.  However, RCCG also, is a branch of Jesus disciples, pls. keep the flag flying.

My only food for thought is, for all Celestians to seek the kingdom of God, and its eternity, in true spirit not the spirit of selfishness, love of the flesh, love of lust and all material things that will vanish.  God can give us anything we desire, if we all can be in unity, one accord and the real, true love of God.  We all should also remember our reward awaits us in Heaven, where our compensation is endless and priceless.  I personally believe no man can degrade,or belittle the church because a house built by God can never be destroyed by anyone.....(Be it greedy evangelists, selfish pastors, ungodly members or fake prophets and prophetesses that are all over the churches worldwide, to enrich their pockets; and seek cheap popularity.)  Mind you, if you are in true spirit, and you have the personal relationship with the lord, you will have no doubt in you that our God changeth not, and he is alive forever and ever.(amen) I can count the blessings of God in more than nine states, that has Celestial significant Godly growth. Finally he is still, doing great, great and mighty things in the churches that fear him and do his will...... and call him in truth and in good faith. Jer. 33;1-6

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