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Family, friends coping with sudden death of 16 year old
Dec 03, 04:11

(Providence-AP) -- Grief counselors were at the Health, Science and Technology Academy in Providence to help students cope with the death of a 16-year-old classmate.

Patrick Oni collapsed while playing basketball in the school gym. He had just missed a shot and was backing away when he collapsed.

A school department spokeswoman says he did not collide with anyone. He was pronounced dead at Hasbro Children's Hospital.

Oni's uncle says his nephew loved to play football and study the Bible at Celestial Church of Christ in Providence. Oni was an American citizen whose parents emigrated from Nigeria.

He was an eleventh-grader at the school. The department says it's the first student death at a school in the district.

The medical examiner is investigating the cause of death.

School officials say Oni had no known health problems.


Cleric Charges Obasanjo On Governance, P.M. News (Lagos)

Ganiyu Obaaro, Lagos

A man of God has counseled President Olusegun Obasanjo on the urgent need to provide good governance.

Superior Evangelist (Dr) Paul Oyewusi gave the advise at the launching of divine service and a new altar by the Celestial Church of Christ, Ile-Ife parish, Ojokoro, recently.

Oyewusi said the people of Nigeria deserved good houses, electricity, roads and other essentials of life in order to live a meaningful life. He regretted that the federal government has not been able to deliver its campaign promises to the people.

Oyewusi also lamented that the country lacks proper direction. "Wrong people are leading us," he said.

The cleric posited that the love of money is pushing Nigerians into bad conducts, pointing out that it does not augur well for the development of the country.

He said he was not a prophet of doom but urged Nigerians to prepare for 2004.

"Going by the happenings this year (2003), I think year 2004 will be worse," Oyewusi predicted.

To take the country out of the woods, he advised Nigerians to move closer to God, saying without strict adherence to God's teachings there can be no salvation.

Emmanuel Parish, Vienna Church Launching

We thank almighty God that has found a bigger place of worship for us .  We bought that place and the place needs to be renovatedIt costs a lot of money ...and we have decided to invite all Parishes Worldwide to come and do a launching/dedication with us which will take place on December 6th and 7th.

As we all know Celestial Church is one and should remain as one.  We need all support and help financially and spiritually as well.  Any help that could be rendered will be highly welcomed .

Our Congregation is small but we are strong spiritually.  

Homeland Security Unveils US-Visit Details Oct. 28, 2003

Information Week, by Eric Chabrow

The United States Visitors and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology program will require the fingerprinting and photographing of visa holders entering the country beginning Dec. 31.

The Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday revealed details of US-Visit, or the United States Visitors and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology, a process that requires the fingerprinting and photographing of visa holders entering the United States beginning Dec. 31, a deadline established by Congress.

Visitors requiring visas to enter the United States will have each index finger scanned by a matchbox-size reader from Cross Match Technologies Inc. Digitized data will be linked via a private Homeland Security communications network to a database repository housed at an undisclosed location using Cogent Systems Inc.'s fingerprint technologies. Fingerprints will be cross-checked with existing prints of suspected terrorists or criminals, and agents will be immediately notified if the visitor is on a watch list. The data also will be made available to authorized Homeland Security, State Department, and law-enforcement personnel.

Border agents will also digitally photograph visitors, checking the entry photo against the picture found on the visa. "These digital photos are by no means the type or quality to do the same kind of analysis we'll be doing with the biometric fingerprint," a Homeland Security spokesman says. "The purpose of the digital photos are for visual inspection. It's an additional piece of information available to inspectors."

A screening process will occur upon departure as well, starting next year. Visitors will use self-service kiosks where they'll scan their travel documents and repeat the fingerprinting process on the inkless device. The exit confirmation will be added to the visitor's travel records, which will be available to border agents when the individual next visits the United States.

The entry requirements will take place at 115 airports and 14 major seaports by year's end or early 2004. Land border processing will be introduced in phases in 2005 and 2006.

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