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Re: Meeting of the U.S.A. diocese with Rev. Gilbert Jesse

 There will be a meeting of all church parochial chairmen and secretaries and shepherds, all members of the executive council and members of the governing board on Friday November 29, 2002 at the national headquarters at Chillum Place in Washington DC.  Meeting will start at 12:00pm.  Please arrive early.

There will be a general meeting with all members of CCC, USA Diocese at the National HQ Washington Metro on Saturday November 30, 2002 at 8:00am till 2p.  Please arrive on Friday night.

This is the call for all the children of God to come together and pray to the good Lord break the yoke of the Satan in this great Diocese.  In one accord, we shall prevail in Jesus’ name (Amen).

Yours in Christ 

Reverend G. O. Jesse.


Southwest District Holds Meeting, July 27, 2002

By Most Senior Evangelist Edward A. Ogunfeyimi, District Evangelist

TO: Shepherd or Leader-In-Charge, Chairperson, Parochial Committee, Secretary and other adminstrative members.

Dear Brethren-In-Christ

The time has come to gather together again this year to discuss God's ministry and progress in Celestial Church of Christ, in the Southwest District.  Our next district meeting will be on Saturday, July 27, 2002 at 12:00 noon in Celestial Church of Christ, Metro Parish, Grand Prairie, Texas.

The reason for this meeting is to organize the administrative parts of this district so it can operate effectively.

If you have any items that you would like to discuss and add to the agenda, please let me know by Wednesday, July 24, 2002.  My email address is and you can email me your suggestions as well.  May the Lord grant you traveling mercies, Amen.

Thank You.


  1. Updates on the welfare of the parishes in the district
  2. Policy and administrative parts of the district
  3. Appointing the officers
  4. Adult harvest arrangements
  5. Suggestions for making improvements to how the district administration can be operated more effectively.
  6. General

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