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Re: Celestial Church of Christ – French, Guyana Cayenne, Courthouse, French Guyana – Report of June 25, 2009.

Our attention has just been drawn to a publication reporting on the sentencing of four people who were purportedly claimed to be Celestial Church of Christ members in French Guyana, for performing an exorcism on an epileptic teen in 2005. An exercise that was claimed to have resulted in the death of the teen.

While details of the reported incident are still been investigated by the authorities of the church, we want to state without reservation and unequivocally that Celestial Church of Christ by its tenets, ordinance and mode, does not practice or believe in exorcism.

The church is strictly a worldwide bible based Christian denomination, commissioned for saving of lives, preaching of sound doctrines for the salvation of souls in Christ Jesus, our Lord, and promotion of crime free, violence free, drug free and hatred free environment.

The purported membership of the affected parties is currently being determined and the reported incident is also receiving investigation.

Sup. Evangelist Joseph Olorunnisola General Superintendent –USA Diocese

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