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2009 Harvest Dates - United States of America

Harvest Dates Parish Diocesan Region
June 07, 2009

Juvenile Harvest Worldwide

June 14 Power of prayer, PA A
June 21 Disciple, CT A
June 28 Covenant of God, PA A
July 5 Baltimore Parish, MD A
July 12 New Jersey Parish, NJ A
July 12 Oshoffa Parish, IL B
July 12 Hephzibah Beulah Parish, CA C
July 19 Queens Parish, NY A
July 19 Indianapolis Parish, IN B
July 26 Rock of Ages Parish, NY A
July 26 Philly One Parish, PA A
July 26 Tampa One Parish, FL D
August 02 Revivalist Parish, NJ A
August 02 Way of Peace Parish, MI B
August 02 Washington Metro, DC a
August 02 Ayo-Oluwa Parish, GA D
August 09 Voice of Grace Parish, NJ A
August 09 Oshoffa Parish, IL B
August 16 Miracle Parish, NY A
August 16 Minnesota Parish, MN B
August 23 Providence Parish, RI A
August 23 Hephzibah Parish, IN B
August 30 Ileri-Oluwa Parish, NY A
August 30 Chicago One Parish, IL B
August 30 Oakland Parish, CA C
August 30 Luli Parish, GA D
September 06 New York Parish, NY A
September 06 Covenant Parish, TX C
September 06 Liberty Parish, MN B
September 13 Promised Land Parish, NY A
September 13 Rehoboth Parish, IL B
September 13 Ileri-Oluwa Parish, TX C
September 20 Jericho Parish, NJ A
September 20 St. Michael Parish, IL B
September 20 Light of Christ Parish, GA D
September 27 Winners Parish, NY A
September 27 Comforter Parish, CA C
October 04 Thy Will be Done Parish, NY A
October 04 Miracle Parish, MN B
October 04 Davie Parish, FL D
October 11 Boston Parish, MA A
October 11 Dallas Metro Parish, TX C
October 18 Staten Island Parish, NY A
October 18 Gethsemane Parish, FL D
October 25 Peace of Christ Parish, MD A
October 25 Oshoffa Parish, CA C
October 25 Deliverance Parish, TX C
November 1 Sanctum Parish, CA C
November 1 New Celestial Parish, TX C
November 8 All Saints Parish, NY A
November 8 Ileri Ayo St. Peter Parish, FL D
November 15 Calvary Parish, NY A
November 23 Garden of Eden Parish, NY A

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