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Dad sobs 'my beautiful boy' after shooting of 15 year old

Wednesday, 7th February 2007, 10:05
The father of a 15-year-old boy shot dead in his bed sobbed as he told friends 'Why did they kill my beautiful boy', according to friends.

Distraught dad Rasak Dosunmu said he had no idea why two gunmen burst into his home in Southwark during the early hours of Tuesday and shot dead his son Michael as he slept in bed in Diamond Street, Peckham.

Pastor Julius Shebioba, leader of the Celestial Church of Christ, in Peckham, south London, said Michael Dosunmu and his father were regular churchgoers who were not involved in gangs.

He added that the murder has come as a huge shock to the close-knit African community in the area.

He said today: "I have known the family for 20 years. They are good, upstanding members of the church and come to worship regularly.

"Michael was a quiet, well-behaved boy. He was a very active member of the Sunday school and the youth ministry.

"He was never in any trouble. He was always a good boy. Everybody liked him both in the church and outside.

"It's a terrible tragedy and a great shock to the family and the whole congregation. The family has many friends here and we are all in mourning.

"Michael's father Rasak was in hospital when it happened after he had a fall. The police broke the news to him at about 3.10am in the morning and obviously it was an awful shock for him, he is devastated, naturally.

"He was not at home when it happened and he just can't believe it.

"I saw him yesterday and he is distraught. He said 'Why did they kill my beautiful boy'. He discharged himself from hospital and I took him to stay with relatives where he is resting and police are interviewing him.

"All he was saying was he doesn't know why this should happen to his beautiful son. This poor boy was completely innocent and not a troublemaker. His father doesn't have any idea who would want to do this and just hopes the police are able to catch them."

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