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Third term agenda: ‘God is against it’

 augustine avwode, Assistant Editor

   The General Overseer of the Trinity Saints Church of Christ, Lagos, Prophet Marcus Tibetan has warned President Olusegun Obasanjo not to contemplate running for a third term in office. He said that God was against the planned extension and that no matter the scheming of the president, he could not stay in office beyond 2007.

Tibetan, at a press conference in Lagos to herald the launch of his new book on predictions for year 2006, as well as the formal opening of his church, said that the wrath of God would be on the president if he insisted on going for another term.

Answering questions on the state of the nation, the prophet who for several years was a senior pastor with the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC), Elisha Parish, declared that man made-problems were the only threat to Nigeria’s democracy.

 “ Nigeria’s democracy is still at its infancy. It will be better not to do anything that can jeopardise the polity as at now. The only problem that this nation may have to contend with would be man-made political problems. The majority of the people want this democratic experiment to succeed and blossom; they want to see it grow, but if the president should embark on anything unreasonable, it will not augur well as it is against the will of God for him and the country.”

The issue of extending President Obasanjo’s tenure has lately assumed a central position for political discourse both at home and abroad.  At home, the Manufacturers Association (MAN) declared that except the extension takes place, the gains made so far from the administrations policies would be lost before they take root.

But Ghanian president, John Kuffor, also during the week, told Obasanjo to resist the temptation of going for a third term.


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