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                   General description of celestial media

                   Cases and difficulties

                   Purpose of the ministry

                   Relevant issues

                   Novel ideas and terms/concepts

                   Target audience of the ministry and

Justification for operating it.


                   Selecting issue

                   Statement of issue

                   Research design

                   Specific population of study

                   Sampling procedure

                   Notification of participants

                   Data collection

                   Editing information

                   Pilot study

                   Production proper


                   Research presentation and conferencing

                   Showing materials on broadcasting media houses

                   Parishes show presentation 

                   Talk show (Bible dialogue)

                   Books and bill ministry

                   Drama ministry

                   Sound and hymns ministry


          Celestial church of Christ is a church of purpose with unique assignment for the entire human race. Godís purpose for the church is that it will cleanse the world, in other words it will mediate to the entire world the word of salvation with an out pour of the Holy Spirit manifestation.

          Itís essentially necessary that celestial church of Christ as an instrument of GOD in the end-time, mediate across, the globe through flexibility and elasticity of language and cultural pattern. With all zeal and enthusiasm at heart of God's inspired young Celestians mostly undergraduates to take up his purpose for the new image of his church (celestial church of Christ).



          Godís inspiration to the celestial mediates is to start a media ministry which is already functioning to mediate (send out information) through electronic, print and theatre media. There are over 50 undergraduates and graduates Celestians from various higher institutions, poly and mono technic, colleges involve in the running of GODíS media ministry as estimated in the work specification and job analysis section of the proposal.

          The importance of information is that, it is the only source of moral, socio cultural and spiritual transformation to human beings. Communication is the vehicle of information, a collection of activities, having conversations giving instructions, impacting knowledge, sharing significant ideas, preaching, research, findings, entertaining and being entertained.

          Communication is linked to terms such as sharing participation, association, fellowship and possession of common faith. The bible says in I Cor. 15 v33 ďBe not deceived: evil communication corrupt good mannersĒ. This shows that Godly communication appraise good manners. Celestial media ministry is purposed at communicating good manners to all Celestians and the entire public irrespective of age and nationality and social position with the use most sophisticated electronics, prints and theatre equipments. Our goal is to help people all over the world experience Christ Jesus through celestial church of Christ.



          ďTo whom much is given much is expectedĒ. God has given to celestial church of Christ great potentials in varieties and diversities of all kinds and many are yet undiscovered. The proves as indication of hidden goodies are the complicated situations and spiritual materials that is called mystery which can actually be unraveled, and unraveling mysteries of the church will actually result to the discoveries of hidden potentials.

                   Deep points of research and analysis of said to be problems or difficulties, in numerous occurrence and material will be consistently put right and published.



          The word of GOD to us is our purpose, his agenda and wish is our command, our pursuit is towards a buoyant future of high and speedy spread of God's gospel through celestial church of Christ.

          Restoration of the liveliness, interesting times and innovative creation of new things. Our energy is directed towards mending the gap between the elders and the youth. Translation of celestial doctrine into all languages and cultures.

          Blending the discord between illiterates and intellectuals of the church cause there is a deposit of GODís gift in the illiterates and GOD is the giver of academic success and he intends that both illiterates and literates come together to make the world a better place through celestial church.

          The upbringing of children in the fold will receive a rampage in improvement due to the special packages and introduction of developmental programmes. Our purpose is to bring celestial church of Christ to the door step of all people in all nations through electronic media, print media and theatre presentations.

          Production of film documentaries, children cartoon, audio recording of information, drama presentation of the gospel organizing hymn and praise concert, production of home frames, portraits and books/bills presentation. Our future hope is that we will have a TV station under the name celestial church of Christ and also a visual film, audio sound, photography and theatre art studios, including a research center.


          The issues of our life behavioral problems and the abuses of gifts given by GOD, misinterpretation of prophecies, discernment of events, occurrences, situation and time, with things of the fold.

          There is a whole lot of mind blowing and interesting issues for hypothetical testing. Archaeological research for empirical data to serve as proof to information highly experience elders will be interviewed on the issues so that there can be consensus in the history and interpretation of event and uses of materials in the celestial church of Christ.


          The media ministry is entirely a new idea and itís operational strategy is entirely new and itís function is to bring to live new thing as well as we know that celestial is new to the world and itís function is to renew the world through the holy spirit with the gift of GOD as empowerment to the people there in, and also as instrument with which the world shall be cleansed. Thus there is serious need for much search and discovery to aid the deep understanding of the celestial concept.

          Media ministration is entirely new to the celestial congregation, and it might bring a little misunderstanding to illiterates but it is no problem at all, the mediates already planned solution to such. The concept of celestial church of Christ as given by GOD to the world has been discovered to be academic in nature through a previous research by profess S.O. Odeyemi in his book (The spirit of celestialism) and there is need for a detail analogy of the concept which the mediates are qualified to do and will do by the power and support of GOD. 


The target audience is in facets and some of the audience are explained with strategy of out reach. The media ministry will reach out to the following audience worldwide.

(1)              Internal and International members of the fold (celestial church of Christ)

(2)              External audience (the general public)

Internal members of the fold that are planed to be reached out to are also in different sections i.e. the children  ďSunday school brethrenĒ, the youth, the  different generations of fold. There is need for attention on the young females of the church and adequate plans for behavioral and spiritual life improvement.

External audience: This section deals fully with what Jesus Christ meant when he said go ye into the world and preach the good news of GOD to all people. Plans are made on putting up shows and programmes on the public media houses including broadcasting specially selected documentary of the church to redeem the image of the church.

Scope of celestial media

          The scope and timing of celestial media:- Geographical expansion is a part drafted plan of celestial media, a means by which international links will be made and out spread of the entire celestial church of Christ.

          Our future plan is to gain strong ground in Nigeria and extend service to other African countries like Republic of Benin, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Kenya, South Africa etc. we are prepared and ready to operate in other continents i.e. Europe, Asia, and America. God's wish is that celestial church of Christ should spread throughout the world and that is our reason for living.

The Significance of the ministry

          The level at which celestial church of Christ has expanded required that effective means of communication be developed, so that the people will not be uninformed about happening and teachings in the church. The celestial church is one of the largest denomination in the world today and steel matching forward to dominate the world and entire Christendom and that is the reason why the church at this point of history cannot continue without a media ministry, else itís continuity will be ineffective to the generation of man.

          The percentage level of significance by which the possibilities of celestial media not achieving itís purpose is displayed at five out of hundred. That is the chances of this ministry not making an impact is 5% out of 100% based on statistical analysis and this in other words means that there is 95% assurance that the celestial media ministry will achieve the aim and purpose for which it was sent by GOD.


          Justification for operation is based on the spiritually revealed purpose of the ministry, present situation of chaotic occurrence in the church and also the act of faction distortion. Thus the media ministry is also aspired to bring unity and draw back factions, as it is not on the side of any. The ministry is handle and control by professional in various works of life and all are Celestians. Non-professionals and non-academic oriented personnel (illiterates) are also playing active role in the ministry to aid the effectiveness of the ministry.


          This part or section refers to the format of work and method of carrying out the work of celestial media.

(1)     Selecting an issue: The first step to achievement in life is knowing what to do and this refers to the act of looking for a specific problem to solve. A problem is better referred to as an issue of difficulty due to the fact that GOD did not give us problems to tackle but rather he gave us gifts that we do not understand and if the purpose of a thing is not understood abuse is inevitable.

This brings us to the full acknowledgement of difficulties in celestial church of Christ as indications to hidden treasure of ideas given by GOD. This part of methodology is the part that lists of difficulties (problem) are presented based on survey research and selection is made based on hierarchical scale of preference with treatment application.

(2)     Restatement of issue:   The selected issue will be experimented for relevance of work, at this point questions of whether the problem is really a problem to solve and of what use will the solution be to the people, ďwill the solution be effectiveĒ testing itís validity.

Specific issues also have smaller facet to itself which requires a careful observation and questioning on the smaller facets of the problem to bring clarity and relevance to the issue of choice.

Research Design:

          Celestial media is all about getting information and presenting it to people in a colourful and appealing style. The process of getting information is what we mean by research, which has standardized design.

          The selected issue then goes through a standardized design of how the facets and secrets will be gotten from the chosen source. 


          The church is big and also is in section based on Age, Anointment hierarchy and gender different. Thus for a specific issue, it must be predetermined before proper study, that the main set of people be selected. Example of population separation:-

(1)     Age based population      (a) Elders     (b)  Youths  (c) Children

(2)     Gender based population

(a)     Elder: female and male

(b)    Youth: female and male

(3)     Function and gifts based population

(a)     Choir: male and female

(b)    Prophets: male and female

(c)     Ushers: male and female

The separation of population will help to pin point the real source of information during research.



          The population selected may be too large for totality of sampling and testing, thus we will select a few out of the large number of people based on random selection or otherwise. These selected people will be tested, question or interview for the information we need to come out.

Procedure:       After selection of the population representatives, we will work on the procedure of testing, questioning (questionnaire) or interview putting, location (environment) influences in consideration, physiological variables i.e. food illness, experience

Timing:  This has to do with having the specify time were in predetermination of total research will end. Research should last 3 months except for special reason that may rise in the future.


          The selected participants of study will be notified about the study programme and will be given full information of the research project. They will be given an undertaken to sign that they are willing to participate in the research.


The proper work is carried out and it involves working with the tastee or subjects (participants) and all information will be collected with assurance of safety keeping and confidentiality.

          Shooting also will carried as in term of camera filming. Some data come in form of interviews and will recorded and edited for documentary shows.

          Audio presentation of this data will also be made out of the data for monetary and affordability purpose.


          The totality of this work still runs down to information management and this requires that proper editing should be done before information are published, due to the fact that some words and talks are not good enough to be published else they will turn down the church of GOD and may cost societal discomfort.


          The part deals with testing the already processed information to know if it is valuable and reliable to be given to people to digest. A pilot study with about 20 people will be given this types to listen to and then fill questionnaire of what they think about it and then we can make statistical judgment of itís validity and reliability.


If the product satisfy all of this procedure then large copies of video tapes, audio tapes and prints will be made to package the information.

Disposing the materials: Due to the apathy of the members of celestial towards the purchase of tapes and books this will involve a little rigid transformation of their mind. It calls for an extremely strong strategy of advertisement and publicity to get them orientated to the novel market.


Research Presentation and Conferencing

The out reach aspect of celestial media is the main work of the ministry due to the fact that it is the medium with which the ministry will help people experience GOD through the celestial church of Christ. The first part involves presentation of research findings and paper presentation of finding in celestial church of Christ both spiritual and behavioral discovery.

          This presentation will be done in a formal atmosphere which includes providing a hall with full furniture for audience convenience and other necessary equipment.

Showing Materials on Broadcasting Media House

The ill information of people about facts and happenings in the celestial church of Christ have led to the emergence of false assumptions i.e. people from different denominations who were marveled by the miraculous display of GODís power in the church have had to find answers to the questions in the wrong way and it remain a mystery to them.

          The plan is that, such issues will be dealt with and recorded for public broadcast on Nigeria television and radio stations.


          The purpose of celestial media is to bring God's presence and information to the people door step, which requires the use of a theatre projector machine. Furthermore, film shows will be held in various higher institution of learning for Celestians and non-Celestians so as to win souls.


Bible dialogue on TV or Radio. The issues we have at hand are so vast and every body has personal or rather a deceptive perceptual view towards the understanding of this issue. This is one out of a whole lot of reasons why there should be a bible dialogue programme in form of a social talk show which will allow everyone to share their opinion and finalize the issue by bringing out a scriptural back up in consensus. This show will be recorded on film and made available in large copies for sake of those who want to be more aware of the issue.



          Books can travel far than its writer so also the small tracts and bills that are given out by Christian around the world. Celestial media has a lot to contribute to the world in form of book and prints publication. Thus, people can be helped to experience GOD at grassroots level. Articles, magazines, publications and books will be a regular product of the celestial media ministry so as to also extend the gospel far across the world.


          This is one of the most effective part of the ministry because it involves working with professionals in stage drama presentation. The celestial theatre will also promote the novel liveliness of the fold and will also be one of the most effective way to teach the celestial church of Christ members what problems they have and how they can best be solved. The pattern of drama presentation is a little different from those of the worldly theatres, it is novel in nature due to it pattern of drama presentation with a particular narrator who preaches the message out the drama actors and actresses act the preaching.

          This pattern will aid a very soft and most easy understanding of every human being both young and old across all cultural backgrounds. It has been prepared with full buoyancy of customs and colour fullness.


          The celestial church of Christ is long deprived of the atmosphere of divine praise and worship, void of earthly song and also music composed by men.

          The hymns we have in celestial church of Christ were compose and inspired by the heavens and this is the uniqueness of itís nature and it has a very powerful impact in provoking the presence of itís composers. The sound and hymn ministry is devoted to help people feel the presence of GOD through the singing of these special hymns in a highly package and extremely equipped concert, where in people shall worship long enough to be transformed and renewal permanently.

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