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Celestial Church Meets in New York

Source/Credit  - US AFRICAN EYE Magazine, April 2003

See Pictures from the USA National Conference Event

The Celestial Church of Christ National Conference under the Chairmanship of Rev. Pastor Emmanuel Osoffa, the spiritual head of the Church worldwide has retained Most Senior Evangelist Anthony Iremiren as the head of US/Canada Diocese.  This put to rest speculation that the US head of diocese has been removed by unauthorized self acclaimed Pastor Jesse.  Senior Evangelist Olorunisola was appointed as the Coordinator for US Diocese under the supervision of M/S/E Iremiren.  The National conference that was held in New York came up with a resolution to adopt and retain Most Senior Evangelist Iremiren.  It was also agreed that all ranks obtained from other Pastors like Jesse and Agbaosi in Republic of Benin are null and void.  The following committees are to be inaugurated by the HOD.  They are Finance, Women Affairs Development, Youth Program, and Disciplinary Committee.

The Reverend Pastor gave a directive to the head of diocese to report the activities of the church to him every three months.  He further dissolved the governing board, executive committee and district executive committees of the Church in the United States, but executives can function in acting capacity for three months before new executives are put in place.  Most Senior Evangelist Anthony Iremiren and Senior Evangelist Olorunisola are now automatic members of Pastor in Council.  Canada parishes are still under USA Diocese.  The event was very peaceful and well organized by New York district.  Amongst the church stalwarts who attended the National Conference from Nigeria includes members of the pastor in council, Senior Evangelist Ogunremi, Senior Evangelist Otunba Aina, Lace Superior Senior Elder Sister Sodeinde, Senior Evangelist Ebenezer Oshoffa, Most Senior Evangelist Olorunisola from France and Most Senior Evangelist Dupre from Paris.

Mrs. Sodeinde was interviewed by US AFRICAN EYE after the conference.

QUESTION: What is your impression of this conference?

Sodeinde: I believe this Conference is absolutely unique and properly organized.  Every step and procedure was self explanatory to everybody.  I believe that those who participated were impressed.

QUESTION: What advice do you have for the church?

Sodeinde: advise comes from the Holy Spirit.  If the pastor is in the spirit, the Holy Spirit will guide him.  Since it was the Holy Spirit that chose him, I believe God will guide him.  Look at what happened today.  What some think would be very disruptive was in control by the Holy Spirit.  What happened was amazing.  I know God is in full control and the pastor was in charge.  I know his administration will be in the best interest of the church.  All of you must pray for him so that he will be in spirit at all times and those around him will not mislead him.

According to a member of Pastor in Council, Senior Evangelist Ogunremi, he described the conference as a success.

QUESTION: What did you observe at this conference?

OGUNREMI: I think it is well organized and one of the most successful conference ever put together by Celestial Church of Christ.

QUESTION: How do you feel when the Pastor retained Iremiren as Head of USA/Canada diocese and the conference applauded him?

OGUNREMI: It shows that the people loved him and they wanted him to continue his good work and good leadership.  I think the people are happy that their choice was appointed and retained.

District Evangelist of New York, Most Senior Evangelist Moses Akinnibosun (Father of Nation FON), the host of the National Conference spoke to US AFRICAN EYE.  He talked about the previous 25th anniversary of the diocese and the National Conference.  He described it as a double joy for him and the district.

QUESTION: How do you feel today?  You recently celebrated your 25th anniversary, now the Pastor's visit and National Conference all in your domain, aren't you lucky?

FATHER OF NATION (FON): I am very happy that this is happening in our domain, we thank God, it is to the glory of God and I want to use this medium to thank everybody who supported us during the anniversary and this National Conference.

QUESTION: What problem have you encountered in your district and how have you been able to solve them?

FON: Yes, we have a little problem just like any organization, but the grace of God we have been able to solve them without tears, our people are wonderful in crisis management and proud of them, together, we shall move this church forward.  Some parishes are not financially good but we are looking at various ways to help them grow.  In a nutshell, our achievements outgrows our problem, we thank God for that.  I cannot but say this because it hurts.  We lost two of our members last year, Senior Evangelist Biney and the son of our member that was murdered in New Jersey.

QUESTION: There are few developments and changes in the church both here and Nigeria.  The founder's son, Pastor Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa is now the spiritual head of the church.  How do you appraise this development?

FON: It is a good thing that God loves the church.  These changes and development is expected, we cannot be stagnant, as we grow, we will continue to teach love in this church.  We have to be united and worship together, work together, obey the rules and regulations.  It is important that we have Jesus in our lives.  My advise to the Pastor is to be in spirit at all times.  His decisions should be final and he should not allow any unnecessary influence to change his decisions every minute.  He should surround himself with technocrats who can advice him as well.

Reverend Pastor Emmanuel was very happy to be in the United States, he told US AFRICAN EYE that he liked what he saw, and the people are so worm. The conference is well organized.  He thanked the organizers for a good job well done.  He promised to return in June for anointment of deserving members, he decreed that henceforth, the anointment will be free, the first time anointment will be in May 2003 in Imeko, Celestial City in Nigeria.

The Pastor spoke to US AFRICAN EYE!

QUESTION: What is your impression of the US/Canada Diocese?

OSHOFFA: Before I came to the US, I have heard a lot about the church and the children of God who worship in the church.  This is my first time of coming to America and I am impressed by the organizational zeal, enthusiasm and particularly, the reception they gave us  when we arrived.  God is doing a great thing for Celestians in America.  They are well organized, they need all the encouragement and I promise to do my best to support this diocese.  We have a lot of work to be done and all hands must be on deck.  We shall fulfill our mission.  We have set up a committee to review the constitution and also set up a blueprint that will gear towards the development of the church.  Every successful organization requires first class managers, we have asset in our church and we shall work together for the church.

QUESTION: What can you tell us about your father, Late Pastor Founder SBJ Oshoffa?

OSHOFFA: Thank you for the question.  A lot of people have asked me this question.  When God called my father to start this church, he worked relentlessly for Christ.  He preached the gospel, he taught us love, he is a people's person, they love him, and my father sees everybody in the church as his children and treats them as such.  When I was called to carry the cross, I have decided to do my best to serve the church and support evangelism.  God used my father to perform miracles and the miracle is still happening in the church.

QUESTION: What is your vision for the church?

OSHOFFA: The  church will grow administratively and spiritually, we have set up different committee to work for the church and I believe they will do their best.  On top of all, God is in control of His churh

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