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She has a sweet voice, her voice is never loud, she never yelled at her children even when she tried -- she couldn’t because it’s not in her. That is my friend Titi, I sometimes call her Titilayo & she will say “my mother usually calls me that”. I have known Titi for 11years and we’ve been friends since then. She was every inch a virtuous woman, a Christian who directs her family’s path into a part of goodness and righteousness. She never complains but always takes the next challenge.

Even though she has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing & was unable to work after first child, she did not challenge God but she went ahead starting a new career and secured another bachelor’s degree in nursing. She is not vain.she believes for everything, God's time is the best.

Oh, how she loves to shop at Loehmann's. Her cake with pineapple upside down has no equal, she thought me how to bake oatmeal cookies and barbecue chicken.  So now tell me Titi -- how can you just leave us without saying goodbye? Who do you think can fit in your shoe? I feel so guilty because I feel as if I don’t call you often but only when I’m in need of something from you. What am I going to do without you, my confidant? I remember that night of march 1997 that I failed my practicum and I had one more chance to redo it or will be kicked out of nursing school, who else did I call with my troubles and crying but you my friend ,I remember you consoled me & encouraged me to go back and do my best.

I remember how we went searching for church home until we finally found pastor kennerly's AME church. or how about the time we tried to cook pot roast for the first time and it took almost four hours and we were exhausted with hunger, or how we had a wedding party and we were our own guests. this was not the agreement but who can question God. Titi, you who loved your husband more than life itself, you who wouldn’t take any of your children’s word for granted, how they will miss you! You that is always reluctant to ask for favor. Now tell me what am I supposed to do now that you are gone! Oh, how I will miss you. Sun re o!

From Bola T. Amon, Texas, USA

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