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Sun Re O!

In 1984 Kola Ishola moved from Nigeria to Boston, we met through his brother Bode Ishola, and have been best of friends since then. When he got to Boston, he immediately let all his friends know about his high school sweetheart who was leaving in Philadelphia--Titilayo.

You know nothing about love until you see the love they had and still have for each other. Can you imagine someone working at a busy Osco drugs until 9:00pm, and then driving 6 hours from Boston to Philadelphia to see his sweetheart several times? That was Kola. He loved her so much that he was ready to do anything for her.

Titi was a very young loving mother, sister, and friend. We used to have a great time together with her husband -Kola, sister -Ayo, and friend -Sola. She was very nice to everybody. When I visited her and her family at Ibadan, I'll never forget the hospitality that was shown to me.

Oh, I can't never forget her good gestures all the times I stayed with the family every time I visited Tampa. She always fed me until I wanted no more. No, was not part of her vocabulary. She was always there when you needed her. Very soft spoken, you could barely get a word out of her.

She was a very good Christian, who really feared the Lord.

Well, we human beings may never understand. As human beings, we'll keep asking the question why? We may get upset, and keep pass blames on each other. But, I'll like to let you know that THE LORD KNOWS BEST. The Lord has a reason for calling her home. There is nothing we can do right now to bring are back. Death is one thing we all have in common, and it is one debt that we all owe GOD. We are all going one day, but nobody knows when or how. Since this is true, we need to continue doing God's will, so when that time comes, we'll all be able to be with the ALMIGHTY GOD in Paradise.

I will really miss you TIti.

Titilayo Isola--------Sun re o.

Dr. Adesoji Michael Adewumi

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