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Proposition For A Worldwide Re-Organization of the

Celestial Church Of Christ

By Evangelist Fixson Olufemi Akinrimisi

Mrmber, CCC (Ibukun Oluwa Parish) Tampa, Florida, USA

Against a backdrop of the infinite abundance of grace that abounds in the Celestial Church of Christ, and realities that no one who continues to exist in sinful behaviors can sincerely expects uninterrupted continuity in the benevolence of God, it is considered necessary to propose the following as motions for consideration by a general assembly meeting of the C.C.C. with a view to effect appropriate changes in the ways, and manners in which the C.C.C. carries out its Gospel Missions Worldwide.

It is thus proposed as a Motion That:

(i) A panel of Twelve members committee be established with terms

Of reference to deliberate and make recommendations to create an

Administrative arm for overall management of the spiritual body called Celestial Church of Chris

(ii) The Administrative arm of the Spiritual body will exist, and function in harmony, as well as compliment the tasks of overall administration of the Celestial Church of Christ, worldwide.

(iii) The Administrative unit shall be designed to be responsible for

Carrying out established policy, and updating information dissemination. The Administrative Unit shall establish a process by which all established Diocese of the church carries out it duties in supervising the church parishes, in response to all the needs of all members in the parishes.

(iv) That Administrative Unit shall at all times be responsible for the sourcing of Fiscal enhancement needs of the church worldwide. It shall be a function, and duties of the administrative unit of the church to be responsible for coordination of Gospel, Revivals, Church workers salaries, and such other expense needs for mission support purposes.

(v) The Administrative unit shall coordinate spiritual mission support; establish activities programs, and annual budgets for effective central management purposes.

(vi) We establish a Celestial Church of Christ worldwide population, and Head count Committee to determine the number of peoples in the Christian fold.

(vii) Except for members below the rankings of a leader, moratorium is placed on anointments in C.C.C. worldwide until such a time when the administrative unit will be able to incorporate a process of Bible knowledge into the exercise.

(viii) Create a C.C.C. Worldwide Evangelical publicity committee with a view to establishing the basis for positive public relations, and adequately providing the membership with effective dissemination of information of church activities, and policies.

(ix) All diocese of the C.C.C. have a home base banking account in the country of the international headquarters.

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