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Celestial Church is not a secret cult

DELIVERED BY  Snr. Evang. Williams Ojo

Source: SHADOW of the Light magazine
November 1988

Jesus said in John 20:17 "but go to my brethren and say to them, I am ascending to my father and your father, to my God and your God."  There is nothing occultist or demonic in these and other practices on the church Jehovah is the secret name of God revealed in Ex 6:3, the elect angels is captained by Michael.

It is true that we in the Celestial Church can not explain how miracles are performed in the church world over but we know that "We can do all things in him who strengthens us" Phil 4:13.  How do you explain when an unexpected three persons are commanded to take a mad man to the stream to bathe and he walks back to the church a normal human being quite sane?  Whether people believe it or not, the Celestial Church of Christ is neither a cult nor demonic.  Apostle Paul had this to say to the doubting Romans Romans 3: 3&4.

For what if some did not believe?  Shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect? v.4 -- God forbid;  Yea, let God be true but every man a liar.

There are human witnesses who had come in personal contact with the Lord Jesus confirming to them that Celestial Church of Christ is real and not of man-made or of the demon at all.  I shall give only for witnesses and leave the others for the future.

  1. Snr. Evang. David Adeniyi died in 1995 when he was the Ondo State Evangelist.  The Lord Jesus Christ who introduced HIMSELF as I AM THE LIGHT.  It happened on 23rd June, 1972 on Indanre Hill, a town about 20 miles from Akure

    Jesus who came as an old man appeared to the then Leader David Adeniyi of the only Celestial Church in Benin City then who was visiting a fried at Idanre at the time.  The man was already on the heel when leader and his host arrived.  The man faced DA and told him he was a descendant of Abraham and a levite and that D.A. like the LIGHT OF GOD.  The old man told D.A. that the church he attends is not where anyone can boast of his power, not a church where anyone can say "This is what I want" but rather "This is what we want", it is not a church where one can be annoyed.

    He further likened the church to the rock, as no one can break the rock with his foot, no one can have power over the church.  The man told the then Leader David Adeniyi to catch the wind as it was blowing.  As it was impossible to catch the wind, it shall be impossible for anyone to hold the church.  Tha man again said as everyone on top of Idanre hill is taller tan all houses and trees around the town, so is the church higher than any other church.  He told him that when he Adeniyi retun to Idanre town can he still be taller than the trees and the houses?  The answer was no, then the old man said so also it is that whoever was in the Celestial Church of Christ but drops out shall be brought lower in life.  When leader David Adeniyi and his friend were returning to the town the fried said he was talking with a spirit as they both were covered in a blue light.  It was then the voice said "I AM THE LIGHT, Jesus is the light John 8:12.  Again Jesus spoke to them saying "I am the light of the world, he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."

    I beg to say that whoever worships in this Church will always have the light and free from stumbling.
  2. Another witness is Rev. Dr. Isaac Ogbeta who lives in New York, U.S.A.  He is a born again Pentecostal church minister of the Gospel.  He confessed to the whole world on television and public preaching and here in Nigeria that he had organized other Pentecostal church ministers to fast and pray against the Celestial Church of Christ for its closure and had caused the mass exodus of the Celestial Church members to his own church the Renewal Charismatic churches.  He confirmed that those who depart from Celestial Church of Christ spread rumors of occultism within the church.  He thought he was doing justice by praying against the church until Jesus Christ appeared to him during his night vision.

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