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Message to you Celestial Order of Christ.
by Tera Kota

Thus says the Lord through I to you on this day you Elders, Leaders, Shepherds, Seers and all in charge of the Celestial Churches, Parishes, Congregation and Faith:

"I am the Living God, The God of Glory whom you seek but like many in opposite direction. I am the True God who’s Holy Name you summon in worship but feed for your imagination, ego and pride on other things . I am the Living Creator in whose mercy and order yours was founded in accordance with my Heavenly Bodies so that you may be the last to bear witness to My Being and spread My Truth and Light across the creation, amongst this and coming generations. I am the Lord of Lords and Host of every Faith and mention. I am He who foster Light even inside total darkness; and drape garments out of darkness so that Light preside eternally in glory and triumph over darkness.

That life be found amongst the dead and hope issued to the lost I gave Charity to the undeserving and reclaim the forbidden with the promise of eternal life so that My Goodness and Mercy may endure beyond the end of time, and My Holy Name be praised continually; and thus you were called in the name of Emmanuel - Jesus Christ, in line with the Order of My Chosen. For I alone know which desert is a lake and which ocean is barren.

Whence many faith and religion misses My Glory, and warrior souls vanquished on a try, Humanity strayed and its devised tradition and machination shifted Mine's was the Name you called; and hoped that I would alight from the sky an clean up the yoke perfected with My Name in the absence of My Being. And Hope, even though still damped, could have restored vitality if only a half of the measure of trust placed on vanity is placed on self; thence it will become Faith. For Faith alone breaths healthy spiritual life; which in turn breaths Knowledge; which in turn mature to Believe; and Knowing transposes to Seeing in a progression that germinate to Divine Wisdom - which alone is enough to nullify hopelessness, sins and damnation, but True Believers are far fetched. And where that is want true Knowledge is ill, and where that is want a healthy spiritual life is deficient. All there is, is all there ever was: faithless worshipers, blind nations, self-made lords and a future insured with Satan and illusion which sum up in all to abject poverty on behalf of the souls and degradation on behalf of the spirit. Thence, the body and the mind becomes a puppet of evil, governed by mischief and agile for destruction.

I am the Lord of Hosts, know and not believe; except with knowledge and unyielding faith that the creation of Celestial Order came out of Mercy and its foundation rested deep inside Eternal Darkness; nonetheless, impacted My Light to lead strayed Souls in utter darkness to full illumination. And to serve as a Testament of Humility and to retain Mercy and Charity as the corner stone of its foundation, a down trodden man who himself was in penury, abject poverty, darkness and spiritual wants was called to serve as a Shepherd. And thus anointed him, and thus gave him the staff to lead the host of Celestial Sheep to a pasture of Salvation, and in so doing advance My Charity by spreading the gift of My Spiritual Light and Blessings through out the Earth and reclaim others as he was reclaimed, and redeem others as he was redeemed; and give light to those in darkness, and give hope to the hopeless - for he himself was in worse state before My benefic Charity. Thenceforth, every soul redeemed should glorify My Name and extend same generosity to others and treat one another with love, honor and respect if in the least a body of Emanuel - Jesus Christ.

That the world may know that I the Living Creator am the Lord and The Prime Host of all Faiths, Nations Religions and the Lord of the Celestial Order: whence other faiths and religion had three talents upon its inception I bestowed seven talents on Celestial Order, which includes access to my Divine Workers - Angels. This is to ensure that all that are bounded upon the Earth is also bounded in higher places. And all that are relived even though upon the Earth are also relived in higher places. The sick gained strength whence they are brought to your midst at a mention of My Holy Name and or Emanuel - Jesus Christ’s and or those of My Heavenly Hosts - Arch Angels, and all problems were solved.

Thus, Celestial Congregation became a Spiritual Denomination and of your testimony affixed the “Church of Christ from Heaven” and Miracle became thee. Also, that you may give more Thanks and Praises and more Glory to I the God of your creation, I opened the door of prosperity in all of your undertakings. I also included love and honor, and you were welcomed in every land that you went and in every nation that you dwell. All these I gave with consideration, but I gave not without restrictions and and not without expectation, for I am a Disciplined Lord, I am the Lord of Results, and I am a hardworking Lord. I handed down mine conduct by way of Sacraments reinforced by The Commandments, as given through my servant Moses as with other servants in other faiths; for in whom much I give much I also must get.

Thenceforth I decreed: That if any soul seek to partake in any part of My Work such soul must first embrace the practice of every word of my Commandment; and such soul must bear My Conscience; and such soul must bear My Truth as referenced in words of Emanuel - Jesus Christ; and such soul must bear and have affinity for My unconditional Love which I referenced in the content of Emanuel - Jesus Christ; and such soul must bear and have affinity for My Humility as referenced in the character of Emanuel -Jesus Christ; and such soul must bear in truth a great affinity for My Light as referenced in the life of Emanuel - Jesus Christ; and must be One in body, One in soul, One in Mind and One in Spirit with I.

Thence: such soul shall partake in my work and shall partake in the Seven Talents bestowed upon the Order of Celestial. And such soul, even though in flesh and blood, shall also be in My Spirit and shall trample upon the lion and the dragon and upon the serpent and the scorpion. And whence such soul dies even though in flesh and blood such soul shall be woken to my eternal life; for My Spirit is eternal and My Life is a continuum; as referenced in the death and resurrection of Emanuel - Jesus Christ. And only a soul who attain absolute oneness with I shall have access to My endless Inspiration.

And if otherwise, another soul gets anointing, and such other soul ascribe mortal offices and temporary powers to himself, such other soul does so in vain. For such other soul dwells without My Recognition, and without My Authorization and without My Inspiration, and such other soul no matter how highly placed stand in opposition to I, and such other soul is beside himself and shall fall to destruction. I am The Spirit and The Life in all Living Creatures - and in the Thing in all Non-living Things; whether such creatures and things dwells above the ground, nor below the ground, nor in the sky, nor below the sky, nor in the oceans, nor beneath the sea, no matter where and what form such being may exist; no matter what state and level of consciousness; and no matter what field of manifestation. I am that I am

Thenceforth: if any living soul elect any talent from any of My Faculties be it as an Astrologer, nor Diviner, nor Prophet, nor Seer, once such soul is deficient of my inspiration. Such soul obtains purely so out of evil, and such soul whether living or dead shall be seized and made to pay until such bear the entire bane and brunt of his election. Such soul shall be destroyed along with the Satan in whose stead was empowered; these I have decreed for all time to come, form the beginning of time, for all Human Kind, and so shall it continue to endure till the end of time without any exception. For it is only with My Consent and Mission that higher entities comes to the Middle Sphere - for Humanity sake; and it is only with My Qualification also that entities from the Middle Sphere evolves to the higher state. And those who falter are dropped to states lower to that of their being and their consciousness. I am that I am

Under no circumstance would entities of the Lower Sphere consort with entities of the Middle Sphere, except whence a soul condescend to seek heathen power from the under world of darkness. And thus, such seeker offered his soul as a prize for a brief chance to feed an ego based on controlling My Spiritual World as God-de-facto; and whence such abomination occurs My Rage is kindled, and thence My Wrath is inevitable. No Soul and or Spirit in My Creation have neither authority nor power to replace I; and no other power has means to control My Creations. I am the God of all creations and The Absolute Power rightfully positioned and in total control of all creations be it higher, Middle or Lower life forms. I am the giver of Life and The One Lord who answers to no other but Myself. I am and will continue to be what I will be, and be wherever and whenever even without a warning as I so desire and put my creations in order. So, I say unto you this day and at this dispensation of time that not a single soul had been left unchecked. And thus, your book is here opened Oh Celestial. Time has come to weigh what I gave against what I am getting, and in reckoning each and all will tell exactly what has been done with the Talents you were given.

Whereas: the heathen says “whom amongst you has such power to avenge for the Lord? There’s no God; let‘s do what we must. Who on Earth shall hold us back?” And the arrogant claim “if there’s a God, how come he never appear, instead he let his chosen ones suffer?” And together they plundered the Earth and plagued the world with perils and danger while the faithful look up to the Heavens and pray My arrival, and expected to see I fly in a band of Angels. But even I on I own I am long suffering and penitent in my position. And if I must appear, why look at the sky, didn't’t you hear from Emanuel - Jesus Christ that “no one know the time nor the hour, but safer to watch and pray?” I say to you this day that I have been in your midst Oh Celestial dwelling in flesh and blood, as your brother, friend and partner. That my presence would not be felt the Angels ensure that even I be not given the understanding to recognize self until such time and hour after the work has been done, after the tolls are collected and Satan located.

Howbeit that an honorable man left his home in order but returned estranged and met his home in disarray? Howbeit that a welder welded a body perfectly together to function as one but turned his back and the weld degenerate and splintered beyond cope? Howbeit you call “God” in your figure of worship expression but make evil your icon of practice? Where are the true believers? Why did you turn back from My Commandments and made sins and material cravings of the flesh your center point?

I have been around the world and have seen far and wide. I still could smell the stench of iniquities and hears the outcries of the innocent people trapped under the claws of Satan. Their delivery was the reason you were ordained; but like every one else, you are not responsive to any call beside profit. Thence, like a thief in the middle of the night - just as the ancient prophets foretold, I came but caught you pants-down in your act. And for twenty years and one I worshiped, I served; I ate side by side on the same table and from the same plate as one with you. I reasoned with you, I helped with your personal problems that geniuses amongst you could not tackle and I took care of your children and I am in flesh an blood. I brought providence to your wives when you are on parochial mission. I even made attempts to share the ease of solving difficult aspects of your life’s hardship issue, such that will make a faithful seek magic from the heathen.

And I did all of these in flesh and blood - a mortal man, conceived by a woman and born like everyone else. I sought after skills and acquired many from blessings abounding upon the earth and seeks spiritual development without Astral intervention. Mostly hungry, perpetually broke yet never asked for wages. I ache and pain yet never ask for a relieve, for like every soul I have come to know resentment, I became a target of wickedness, corruption, greed and lust. What became of the seven talents given to heal help, and to support and comfort? Is it being used to amass wealth or to enslave those who helped or exclusively for your individual purposes? While you continue to barricade the prospects of those who do not merit favor in your sight - even when they are qualified; and at the same time boost the yield of those whom you choose to favor. You allowed yourselves to play God, and yours have no mercy and yours is unjust.

Once again: “What does it profit a man to gain the entire world but loose his soul?”

It is hardly a sin to seek wealth and progress, but its detriment is in retaining every profit for self-alone and that is a negative burden to bear. I have seen and heard where a Celestial prophet says without reservation that “No one else deserves to have what he can‘t have." I have seen where prophets converged to deter prospects of honorable people who refuse to play a dishonorable game; and have seen the same diabolical measure meted out to Nations who otherwise would have flourished and become Celestial Nations - as promised upon inception, which none of you had any way of knowing.

Isn't’t it much better to pray that our helpers flourish and do more for others who need same help as we do than poison their prospects for failing to be our spiritual slaves? Isn’t it more blessed to converge and heal and safe lives than meet to destroy - even a plant of those who transgresses maliciously against us? These things I experienced first hand by myself, these poisons were fed directly to me and did ate a number of times in your midst. I have seen for myself what has become of the institution of God and what has become of the sheep in your pasture.

And I say onto you this day, Woe! To those amongst you who made yourselves Lord over My flocks; for you burden their yokes with hardship and corruption while you thrive as God de-facto? Woe unto you this day you parasites who ascribe divine placement to your self through diabolical measures, you perverts and mug-worms who uses satanic means to secure prominent advantages - high chiefs of the under world or prophets in Celestial Church from Heaven? Woe onto you this day, which uses the toils of the believers to build meeting places of Satan and devils that you camouflaged as churches and temples! Woe onto you this day you hypocrites who calls yourself leaders but have no where to lead followers to beside pain, poverty, hunger, darkness and destruction! Woe unto you this day, who proclaimed yourselves prophets in My Holy Name but reserves an oath of allegiance to Beelzebub and to Belial and to Nahash in whose trance you are powered. What solution can darkness offer light other than hindrances? And that goes to say that any darkness that seek to hinder light shall summarily be destroyed - for light was anointed to preside over darkness.

Anointing is not the same as magic, the problems solved with magic were the same it created; and the blessings offered with the same are those already destined to be given to the same benefic soul. Satan have no power to hinder what I decreed; and every soul who walk the surface of the Earth has a destiny and will do all that they are decreed to do, save for those who allowed Satan a role in their calling. Your displacement, corruption, perversion and insensitivity, inhuman aptitude and insane quest, appetite for greed and abuse of the name of Jesus Christ, whom you proclaim openly in Churches as your “Savior” but secretly, in the underworld, reassures your Swine he was only a “Sacrificial Lamb to Mammon.” Thus, you give more power to the placement of Satan and devils to preside over my Holy Order? I am dismayed. Your activities has provoked My wrath!

That you and the entire world may know that I am the Living God who gave power to the virgin Shepherd boy from the Order of Judah to remove the Philistine’s head from his shoulder when the Philistine opposed my decree and proclaimed itself “God of all Wars.” I am the God of all Wars. That I am the living God who gave power to the Truthful Love in the Order of Titans to remove the head from Medusa when Medusa made pact with forces of the demon world and proclaimed itself “God Invincible whose eyes shall not be seen by mortal being.” I am the One and only God Invincible Whose Eyes and Likeness shall not be seen by mortal and immortal beings. Whereas the Philistine had six talents, warrior discipline and the legion of darkness behind him, the Shepard Boy was barely a man but had virtues: dedication, loyalty and courage. He would destroy the Philistine with only one stone from My Brook - thus became a Shepherd of Men and multiplied My Glory. Whereas Medusas had six talents and every strand of hair on its head were demons and evil spirits, but the Truthful Love had no talent but virtues: courage, honesty and determination. He would destroy Medusa with only a ray of My Light and a blunt-edged sword. And My Glory endure eternally through creation.

I say unto you this day, there is no one man amongst you who has neither the discipline nor talents of the Philistine; nor the innocence and dedication of the Shepard Boy of the Order of Judah. There is no one man amongst you who has the tenacity and talents of Medusa, neither does the collective power of your demons and Satan compare to a strand of hair on Medusa‘s head. Suffices that if there is one individual soul among you who has such discipline, faith, true love, honesty and determination of which terrible demons are to be confronted by mortal man when such oversteps its bounds, such man amongst you would have effaced My Name and enforced himself as God Supreme over my creations.

I came to your midst with unlimited talents and all the Virtues, and also Blessings for Celestial Nations, and glory for the Celestial Order, and also Love for the Celestial family, and also Peace for the Celestial homes, in addition to Fruits for the Celestial Wombs, in addition to Harvest for the Celestial Fields, and in addition to that Longevity for the Celestial Order and Nations upon the Earth. All of these were compressed to seven different problems and presented to Celestial Order at seven different times over a period of twenty years and one, leaving a space of three separate years in between each problem. I would go to the Celestial Prophets, saying “Thank you for the Lord’s work. Sir, I have this and that problems. I need help with solutions, please help in the name of the God, the Host of Celestial Church of Christ in whose power you were called.” The prophets would transmit into spirit and tell how much glory is visible, at the same time ask for a reward if he solve the problems.

In some cases, the prophets would divert part of the glory to a favored person and or “client” and keep what should come to I suppressed, unaware that I am conscious enough to know about treaty that many in his calling may owe to Satan and forces of the Underworld. And thus must bury all traces of divine truth and light before it shines upon the Earth. One young prophet was honorable enough to confess “this glory is too much. I have never seen anything quite like this before. It is bigger than I can handle.” And he shies away completely. I moved along taking the compressed glory along and went from faith to faith, religion to religion and everything in-between, not loosing site of anything that function in the name of God. I went through churches and denominations, mosques and temples from remote parishes in African jungle to cathedrals in big cities following the trails of Inspiration through Europe all the way to the Americas where another Celestial Prophet eventually accosted me. He seemed confident enough to solve all the problems - in exchange for a profit. A man of God at long last?

“God elected me to be your prophet.“ He said, “I will open all the doors for you, provided you meet my needs. Otherwise, those who own the world will not allow that glory to be.”

My mistake, I though the bible says the Earth is the Lord’s and its fullness there of?

“Yes, but there are so many forces that must be appeased.”

The question was no longer about light bowing to darkness, it was why should anyone be made to appease a force that he has not provoked?

“Only God knows how to bring holiness out of evil.” After all, Jesus Christ says

“Give what belong to Caesar to Caesar and what belong to God to God.”

To say the least he knew exactly which aspect of the Bible provides answer to my question. Eagerness to unloading the over bearing burden that I carried wasn't enough reason for bulging but trusted he knew better that I did. I gladly obliged, except this time to I add all the seven talents together and give it to him, but did so on three separate occasions. I had no problem with his demand since by faith we should be our fellow being’s keepers. But he saw more, and without a doubt or second thought wanted everything he saw for himself alone; and thus, I became a promising gold mine. He momentarily tied each one of the seven issues to his pulpit and strove that I loose self-awareness and it seemed no success will be achieved, except by his absolute election, after he gets what he wants. Meanwhile, he began hitting me with all sorts of skin ailments with the expectation that I return for cure but I did not.

A man of God left me hanging in anguish and perpetual anticipation, in suspension, and was lied to day after day for a total of twenty-one months. When it became apparent that things might not turn out with me as with others who had fallen his victim he opted for my death, that seem a quick way to cover his shame. And he did that by employing fleets of witches, inquisitor’s spirit and other diabolical power under his legion and together they rained malicious attack on me for seven consecutive months. One episode started in New York and advanced through Pen Station all the way to Kensington in Maryland where he and his legion camped in attempt to force I to resubmit to his handle. I watched as they transform from one human race to another, turning from birds to invisible spirits and even torrents. Although I wasn't’t aware of divine presence, yet waged a war against these legions of darkness and I survived without external help, except solid faith and believe. Evil can not plague he who is true to himself. There can never be any agreement between Mammon and the Living Creator. I waited to see if he would offer candid apology and repent before the Lord even if he was a self-made prophet, who is true to his faith, but made an honest mistake. But apologies does not seem to obtain in his idiom

What upon the earth would make any human being bring such a complex yoke upon himself? I could not help but imagine how many innocent people have been hurt this way. That a man would tie down another’s progress - even for twenty-one minuets was not as surprising as the fact that a prophet with such diabolical placement couldn't’t tell that the glory he tied down and its bearer that he wants to destroyed obtains to the benefit of the world, starting with the Celestial Order, and for the Celestial Nations, and for the Celestial Families. All these was brought to bear in order to determine the disposition of the seven talents bestowed upon The Celestial Order. Any true believer would strive to see anyone’s glory shines rather than keep it down.

What the Living God wanted to see, how you are using your seven talents, he had seen without being told, and did allowed it to be used directly on him, in flesh and blood. And thus, have learned all you have to teach, and have seen how the heathen uses its power in attempt to rewrite destinies. Except that what has been written was so done long before this creation come to be and all the glory that would shine would shine even it takes destruction of the entire world; for only the just shall see the brighter side of the rainbow. The heathen and the unjust shall slip to the abyss and wait in perpetual damnation.

Long suffering I am, and humble even when I have at My command the host of Angels, and the heavenly forces standing by to do such that human kind would never believe possible. I have been divinely serene yet observant of the entire process and went through it like everyone else, even when I have the command to reduce the Sun, the Moon and the Stars or any member of the heavenly bodies who fails to glorify My Name; or disobey any of my command to mere dust. For like other entities, the universe has its set of rules which are maintained by other superior bodies the same way Nature maintains that of the Earth and keep harmony between it and its Primal Forces.

Now, how many souls amongst you have endured longer than the Sun nor the Moon nor the Stars? Theses are My heavenly bodies, these are My Celestial Order upon which your faith was founded and named and they all obeyed my command where you failed. You have failed to obey the laws of the universe, and have failed to obey the laws of nature. You have failed to obey my commandment. And have failed to comply with the fundamental Ethics of the Celestial Moral Sacraments and hardly complied with the Constitution of the Nations in which you dwells.

And I say you are no longer worthy of My Presence, you who tarry at the mention of My Goodness, you who favor evil but do good only whence there is a profit to be made. Is there any soul amongst you who have not benefited from My Generosity? Even the air that you breathe, the ground that you walk, the water that you drink is all part of the grace that I bestowed upon you. The trees and the ants have shown more consideration for one another and gratitude to I their creator than you have shown for My Mercy; and that speaks for the Human kind at this dispensation of time.

I say on this day, there will be no forgiveness for intentional Sins; except those who made rapid amends, and stand firm and steadfast in body and spirit and sin no more. And for all the atrocities and iniquities that you have been committing, I shall visit upon you such calamity that has yet to be seen in the entire history of the world; even the wood and stones of defiled churches would be scorched. A host of Angels have been detailed to cease and disgrace the devils and agents of darkness amongst you who already earned yourselves a doomed place here on Earth even before perdition.

As for the beasts, the sorcerer, inquisitors and temptress whose spells were worked intentionally to hurt and arm the righteous and the innocent; on top which boasted with contempt and arrogance and more malice saying: “There’s no God to rescue them, let‘s hold them up and make their miserable lives a living hell!” You must not seek forgiveness in your prayers nor ask for a mention in My Mercy for all of you shall be torn between night and day. You shall be bounded in body and stripe of your souls and shall be thrust through a stake fire until you have paid all the wages you owe Humanity, Nature and the Governor of the Universe before you answer to I.

As for the Celestial Church and your Faith, for the sake of the name of Emanuel - Jesus Christ whom you made your spine-line upon foundation; and for the sake of my servant who served with integrity and sleeps with honor; and for the sake of those few who still keeps My Conscience; and for the sake of Humanity and the innocent within the Celestial Congregation I will tarry the fulfillment of this revelation until a time that I alone shall tell. You will begin to feel its approach starting from the sixth month of this year. Between now and then, three Angels of Retribution shall alight to your midst from the confines of the under world and shall separate the just from the unjust, they shall prepare to deal blows that even Sodom and Gomorrah did not see. They have no sights, nor psychic impulses and their passion is opposed to the underworld and to all principals of darkness, and to Human kind; as such even the most gifted diviner in all creation would not see nor know where and how to contend with them. They shall be in all of your worships and shall take note of those whose garments are soiled and mark them with the seal of destruction and upon my call shall apprehend the heathens and deal with them as they deserve.

And those amongst you, who still have my love in your hearts, and still, fear My Name; you alone shall sleep peacefully through all these, for no clean cuff shall be soiled in this retribution bowl. Even so, you must repent and offset such transgressions that you might have incurred unknowingly. You must atone in a hurry for your sins. As for continual survival of the Celestial Order, let the leaders purify and sanctify the entire congregation and the churches and follow all that shall be revealed on parish by parish basis, depending on the vibration and energy proliferation of isolated location. Over all, let all Celestial Churches with its leaders and prophets and seers and diviners and every believer within the Order of Christ who still believe that I am the Living God. The One and only God, who has the power of deliverance from Satan, Sin and destruction do all that I here Command and in the order of which they are commanded without a miss:

I. Night Vigil on the last Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday of the last week in January 2001. Compulsory for all the leaders and those with gift of the spirit: Start vigorous prayers from midnight to mid-day; be sure to fast so that the yoke of Satan and spells, both from Satan and evils that you brought upon yourselves shall be broken permanently. On the third vigil - Friday, each one and all of you will start seeing clearly where you went wrong. And will be able swallow your pride and discuss your individual and collective problems as one family and one body. All the ongoing bickering, in-fighting and arguments and confusion came to be because you invited Satan to your midst, and it was easy for him to creep in when it became apparent that you were thirsty for wealth, power and leadership. Thus, you became its congregation and Celestial faith became its playground and all Celestial Nations sunk to poverty and spiritual degradation. Although the evil one lay low in human form as a regular prophet yet preside over all of you by controlling your thoughts, words and action even from remote places.

He has access to your wives and daughter and been mating with those he likes - invisibly, even with you are sleeping next to them. He has spent a great deal of time to spread witchcraft within your order, and those victims became his angels that he uses at will. He is a lair, a pretender and unfaithful spirit, who deceives the demons to create problems in their world and run to humans and also create problems amongst humans and go else places. He does not have loyalty, or morality, or one identity - and has used many innocent people. A Coronation of a New Church should be a day of honor, but he would come disguised with his legion to your feast and poison those of you prone to its charms. And eventually would dishonor them, when they recover from his charms - dishonoring good people is one way this beast tries to get attention but shall now be contained. You and your households are currently enslaved under its command but must now fight to free your souls, your homes, and your Nations. You will go into the spirit and find this animal in spirit and bound him upon location.

II. The first week, first seven days: On the first hour of the Second month of this year, February 1, 2001 at 1:00 AM at night let all Celestial leaders, prophets, those with gift of the spirit and other members who need mercy commence a 21 day fasting from mid-night to mid day. With intense prayers, all at the same time and all over the world. All parishes must comply at the same time as one body and family. Before you commence this prayers and fasting be sure that you have forgiven all transgressors and be sure you are not holding anybody’s prospect down either physically or spiritually and be true to yourself for my Retribution Angels shall be in your midst. Let the individual prophets and leaders go back twenty and one years in the spirit and release all prospects tied down, for yours and your family’s and your Nation’s and the glory and survival of the Celestial Order are included in that which Satan directed you to bound and bury - in the past twenty and one years. What you must now bond, bury and rebuke in the strongest terms are all forms of evils: resentment, animosity, wickedness, selfishness, greed, vengeance, fury, frenzy, madness, destruction and Satan itself. Do this by rebuking them in all of My Sacred Names that my Angels of Retribution shall put on your lips. You shall repeat these same prayers day and night for the first seven days in February. Also be sure to pray for sanctification and purification.

III. The second week, the second seven days fast and pray for mercy and pray for forgiveness for all those who have been used by Satan and all those whose progress you have buried and all the Nations whom Satan used you to reduce to penury, war torn and struck with poverty: Liberia, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Chad, Ethiopia, Somalia, Rwanda and Burundi. African Nations are naturally given as Celestial Nations but Satan have used you to keep them down, pray that they are peaceful and green again. Also, remember to pray for America and the rest of the world. For that is where Satan now wants to seize and has progressed to a degree, if it succeed completely the African race will be eradicated, African Nations will become a spare part zone where others shall come to take for its own. And there will be no peace upon the Earth.

IV. On the third week, the third seven days: pray for reconsideration and redirection so that you will not be destroyed. Pray that all the people and nations whose progress you trampled on would be fast spooled so that they would be on their way to progress before the Angels of Retribution sum their tab of losses. On the last day - the twenty first day, repeat everything you did on the first day of February, and be sure from this day forward you do not go back to your old ways else you will be instantly destroyed. If you do everything right as authorized, I shall reveal to you a number of prophets located between Africa and Western world who turned their malicious hands against I and also have plagued many with sicknesses and bewitched several others.

First, I shall reveal to you as they really are in human form, starting with the prime Satan in your midst. They shall all be presented as you know them in white garments but the color of their garments would change and reflect the work of their hands. Thus the prime Satan’s garment will change from white to red for he is half human and half demon by his natural origin; and his agents will change from white to black for they hail from black magic and trust in protection of the heathen world. I shall reveal all the churches in which the Satan worships, usually tiny and new with inexperienced prophets so that he would not be detected, I shall reveal one of his human forms and the three nation he lives. Although he has been spotted, still he is forging inroads using lies and deception in attempt to cause last moment havoc while advancing towards the Caribbean, with help from another malicious temptress that shall also be revealed and apprehended without warning.

However, if before the end of this twenty one days fast and prayer session any of these perpetrators come forward and confess all thy have done and beg for mercy, such shall not be abused nor humiliated. The Angels of Retribution shall guide you in spirit with what to do; although such might not be destroyed but shall make amend and repair all damages they did, for where all sins are forgivable those committed maliciously against I and any of My Divine Workers and My Chosen ones are not mutable.

Take Note: whosoever dare or doubt the authenticity of this command, either by speaking against or ignoring or using either direct or indirect means to discourage or conceal or taint any aspect of this message shall not leave to see the following day light. And such soul shall be taken as one who committed intentional sin against My Divine workers and I and My Chosen, thus shall be bear burdens of eternal atrocities.

Upon this revelation you shall all begin a purgatory session to ward Satan and evils off the face of the Earth; and the terrains of your churches and out of your midst.

Whether you do these or not evils and Satan shall be apprehended and shall be bounded when least expected. But complying with these I here Command would serve as a demonstration of repentance and such would persuade consideration in my Judgment. Not complying would spur spontaneous visitation of Wrath and My Rage like never before seen - not a single evil doer would be spared.

So that the world may know that I am, and My Glory endure forever, I will use same evils that evil doers favor to bring them to destruction in measures they can not comprehend. Pharaoh relied on powers of the princes of darkness, and was defiant when I asked that he let the Israelites go for he had sworn oath to the heathens and the heathen offered to give him protection. Upon my wrath I sent the ach-principality of the order of darkness to bring him to destruction and punished his gods, good and bad - it is up to the good to help the weak get good and not turn bad. I am the Lord who created all and thus has power over all. There is no force in all creation that has protection against I except the ones who finds favor in my sight, and that I choose to protect. In order that all the terrible atrocities committed by Satan and its legion are not visited upon you, your offspring and their coming generations follow My Commandment and do what I bade you to do.

Remember these for all time to come:

The 21 days prayers represent the 21 years I spent in your midst.

The 21 days fasts is a reminder of 21 months of hunger and anticipation in which the Satan and his legion of evils held-up the prospects and talents brought under your banner.

The 7 days modules in three different segments represent the 7 different talents, the 7 different virtues and the 7 different blessings that I brought to you for the entire creation - held down by Satan and the evil assemble all of whom shall be revealed and apprehended.

Until this is over if any one amongst you pray for peace such shall get war, if anyone amongst you pray for blessings such shall get poverty, and if anyone amongst you pray for live such shall meet with death. My rage shall be on those who turned against I. and I shall do as I have spoken and the world will see that I am.

And My Glory Continue forever.

I am that I am"


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