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The Prodigal Daughter…

 Celestial Church of Christ is a mighty house whose walls were once clothed in reverence and hope. Her gates were mighty monuments unto God’s glory and on her inner walls were impeccable murals of the Masters works.  Her altar; the address of the Holy Trinity…it would have been a sight to behold even for out Levite fathers.  Celestial was the religion whose sweet aroma rose unto Christ at the hands of Noah.  Once upon a time, the tenants of this great church were a congregation of the faithful, the chosen…even cherubs and seraphs made it their threshing floor.  Celestial was a glory to behold.  She was the desire of the meek and humble and the dread of the disciples of darkness.  She was hope to the children of resurrection…Celestial in itself was a sermon to the world.

This was her genesis; this was her story…only until now.

In her sleep…upon the shepherds’ departure, the serpent struck again.  She offered the children of light the apple of destruction. And as our mother did in Eden…we have bitten.  Not bitten only once or twice, but over and over again… Now, men carry themselves like altars made for worship; little do they know their life is the sacrifice to be offered upon it.  The fowl stench of pride and arrogance trails them like a shadow. They have given up the joy and rewards of worship…true worship, for the vanity that once doomed the shores of Nineveh and futility that poisoned the bowels of Sodom.  Now prepare yourself like a man for the Lord will question you and you shall answer him!

Celestians, that great building we all remember still stands.  Though her walls are covered with weeds and her altar has been turned into a bazaar of empty souls; there is still hope.  Hope in the fact that the Shepherd is yet to visit…repair your ways and restore this house to its origins for if the Master returns to find it in its state…”all that is left is fearful expectation of judgment.”  Sin will come but woe on the vessel through which it comes.

I remain…

To the Angel of the Church inside of you...
Serve God with all you have and all you are...For this is your only duty.

The Apostle

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