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  I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.

                  My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.

              He will not suffer thy foot to be moved:  he that keepeth thee will not slumber

Psalm 121:1-3 

Whatever you are going through right now, trust in His love. You will be consoled. Night will turn into day for you. Everlasting joy will flow into your heart. Jesus will draw close to you. You will receive help.

 God is but goodness, His will is pure love, and His paths are always the best! “Is any one suffering? Let him pray” (James 5: 13).

Usually we do just the opposite. We stop praying when our heart is laden with suffering. And that is what Satan wants to achieve. He knows that prayer is our sole means of deliverance when we are in great need. Only prayer can uplift our sad hearts; only prayer can transform our distress, within and without. So do not give in to the voice of the enemy when you suffer, but rather listen to God’s entreaty. Start praying. Prayer will help you. Yes, and you will be especially blessed as a result of your suffering.

Before the foundation of the earth God in His love and care has thought of His own who must live in the dark “midnight hour”, a time characterized by violence, revolt, threat of war, persecution and calamities. He has promised them special aid and deliverance for these hard times, but on one condition – that they call upon Him. So do as He bids, “Call upon me in the day of trouble” (Psalm 50; 15) and you will experience the truth of His words. “I will deliver you”. In the affliction of the apocalyptic age He will come to your aid, inwardly by granting you comfort, strength and joy, and often outwardly by letting you experience His miracles and protection.

God wanted to strengthen our faith, and therefore He revealed His nature to us.” God is love” (1 John 4:16) Say this over and over again to yourself, even in the most severe suffering and along pathways you cannot understand. “God is love. God is love.” If you declare this before the visible and invisible world, your trust will become invisible and you will be comforted in the deepest suffering.

“Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart. Take courage; yea, wait for the Lord.” (Psalm 27:14). Be patient. Learn to wait in humility for God’s hour. His help will surely come, even if it seems to be delayed. Only He knows when the right moment has come, and His timing is always perfect. Believe that God, because he He loves you, will never come too late with His help and even as you humbly wait you will experience His strength and sustaining power. Impatience and despondency have never solved any problems, unbelief hinders God’s coming. But hold out and wait. The patient waiting of the righteous will end in joy.

You do not know where your path will lead. But you do not need to know. Just take the next step. The Father will bring you through this stretch of the way. And after that God will show you what step to take next. So proceed step by step and in the end you will see that God was helping you step-by-step, day-by-day. He is leading you according to a wise plan, along a path that will lead to a glorious goal.

Having to live in such hard, sinister times is an ordeal for you. You are in inner conflict. It is difficult for you to believe in the love of God. When the prodigal Son returned home, he recognized his father’s heart and could believe in his overwhelming love. And why? His tears of repentance and his confession that he had sinned opened his eyes to see what the father was really like - pure love, Repentance with the experience of Jesus’ forgiveness is also the way for you to come to know the heart of God the Father, which is brimming over with love and goodness. Amid the afflictions of our times He is seeking you, for He longs to help you if only you would turn to Him. He is waiting for you to come back home to him, to turn from your former life and all your ways that are not good. Then you will experience His aid.

You are sad. Why? Because you are living in yourself and not in God. It is important, however, that you abide in His presence. Remember that God is near you .He does not leave you for a single second. He surrounds you. He sees you. He loves you. He bears everything with you .He wants to help you Live anew in the assurance that God is present that Jesus is with you always, to the close of the age (Matthew 28: 20b). This awareness of His presence will transform everything, and your sadness will disappear.

You are comfortless. But don’t forget that someone has comfort in store for you. Remember, there is someone who bears in His heart all human suffering, including yours. It is God your Father. And it is not too difficult for Him to comfort you. His love is so great that He always has words and ways to comfort you. And His power to help is so great that He always and means to aid you. So hasten to your heavenly Father to obtain comfort and help from Him.

You do not know how God will solve your problems. God will not let you know before hand. Nor do you need to know. But one thing is certain. God the Father will solve your problems. Let this knowledge be sufficient for you. Praise His love, which cannot be otherwise but grant aid. In thanking and praising the Father’s love, you draw down His help. You will experience that God inclines Himself to you, fills your life with His peace, His joy, His solace, and brings you the aid you long for.

 We need help; we need comfort, for the times we are living in are dark and hard, fraught with anxiety and peril. It is vital that you have the assurance of help, the assurance that God hears your cries for help. This is only possible if all obstacles to prayer are removed, such as unrepented, unconfessed sins, and disregard of His commandments. The word of God says, “We receive from him whatever we ask, because we keep his commandments and do what pleases him” (1 John 3:22). Remove the prayer obstacles in your life and the barrier raised between you and God will fall down. His grace and aid will then flow down to you, and you will receive peace and joy from His heart.

 Written By:

Snr .Evangelist. Tokunbo  Odunaiya     New York Parish. USA

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