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Come, O house of Jacob, let us walk in the light of the Lord –Isaiah 2:5

Let us walk in the light of the Lord. This world is in complete and utter darkness, and sometimes I wonder how we as a people allowed things to get so bad. Why do we enjoy being in darkness so much? People have always said that the biggest sinners are in Church, and I was never too sure how this could be. It was until recently that I started to realize that there could be some truth to that statement. We hear of priests sleeping with little children, pastors sleeping with members of the congregation, even if he/she has a spouse. How about church members getting drunk and being in the clubs almost every night, and then coming to church on Sunday with a hangover.

Christians! What is going on with us? How have we allowed things to get this bad? We come to church on Sundays and put on a mask, trying to hide that which we really are, in the darkness. Come, brethren, let us walk in the light of the Lord. Beg God to lead you back to the cross where you first met and lay all of your sins down there. There is nothing hidden that will not be brought into the light, so why don’t you make the first move. Take off your mask and let us all walk hand in hand in the light. Let us bring some light into this dark world. The world is quickly coming to an end, and it is my fervent prayer that none of us is caught in the darkness when the father comes.

Celestial Church! We have completely lost sight of the task that is at hand. Sinners are perishing in sin in the world, and we are in the Church fighting over who gets to wear what robe and who gets to sit on what seat. Let us stop chasing after worthless vanity! We say that ‘this is the last boat of salvation,’ and that ‘we are going to cleanse the world,’ but right now, we are not even clean ourselves. We have totally cheapened the grace and amazing power that God has bestowed on our Church. If we look around the Church today, we see that God is starting to raise up the youth, but we need role models to look up to. We need footsteps to walk in, but we don’t see any!

What happened to our faith in God? What happened to having faith as small as a mustard seed in order to move mountains? Why have we put our faith in mere mortals? Why do we depend on candles and certain leaders in the church for the answers to our prayers? God is calling us to come back to him! He is begging us to meet him again at that cross where we first met! He is urging us to come into the light, as he is the light!

Celestial youth! Where are you? I look around the Church and I see great potential with no drive. Let us get motivated and begin to make a difference! We are so quick to complain that we don’t like the way things are and that Celestial Church is ‘not cool.’ What have you done to inspire change? What moves have you made in order to make our Church cool? Why have your hands become so idle? We get ‘hyped’ up when we are in the world, at school, at parties, in the club, but when in Church, we just sit there like mere cadavers staring at our watches to see if it is time to go back into the world. If we put half the energy and drive that we use in the world into our church, we can begin a mighty move of God! Get on the ball, and lets get rolling!!!

Brethren, I am not pointing any fingers, because I myself am not worthy enough to do so, but one thing I do know is that God wants to do something through us. God wants to cleanse the world through Christians, through Celestial Church, but when he looks around, the song on his heart is this; “What more could have been done for my vineyard than I have done for it? When I looked for good grapes, why did it yield only bad?…And he looked for justice, but saw bloodshed; for righteousness, but heard cries of distress.” –Isaiah 5:4-7

A great preacher once preached a sermon called ‘Where are the true worshippers?’ As I listened to this sermon, my body began to tremble because I was afraid, afraid of whether God considered me a true worshipper. And I tell you this today; God is sitting upon His throne and scanning throughout the world, and more specifically, Celestial Church, to find true worshippers and to give us a second chance. The first time he came he said, “When I came, why was there no one? When I called, why was there no one to answer?” God doesn’t need us, and one thing that the Lord has revealed to me several times is that he is going to cleanse Celestial Church one way or the other. He is going to break off those branches that are not bearing any fruit and also those that bear bad fruit, so that all that is left in this great Church are true worshippers.

Christians, Celestial Church, Celestial youth, it is time for us to get right with God before we get left behind. It is time for us to begin to do the will of the Father. It is time for us to refocus our minds and our spirits on the only thing that really matters, GOD. It is time for us to become fishers of men. It is time for us to build up disciples! It is time for us to become role models for the upcoming youth.

There is going to be a mighty move of God in Celestial Church of Christ with or without you, and I know and pray that I am going to be part of that move. So I leave you with this question; ‘Are you going to join me in the light?’

By Rachael Olorunnisola

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