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You Can Claim Victory

Delivered by Dr. Kayode Fanilola (Throne Of Grace Ministries), May 25, 2007.  

TEXT: Therefore the children of Israel could not stand before their enemies, but turned their backs before their enemies because they have become doomed to destruction. Neither will I be with you anymore, unless you destroy the accursed from among you. (Joshua 7:12)

The most active period of Satan's attack in one's life is usually after a major victory or spectacular breakthrough. This is so because this is the time we are still basking in the ovation and applause from people celebrating us.

The children of Israel had just recorded a major victory over Jericho, a city reputed to have the greatest fortified city wall in history. All this happened in the sixth chapter of Joshua. Then in the seventh chapter, the children of Israel suffered an embarrassing defeat in the hands of the underdog soldiers of the small city of Ai. The children of Israel became depressed and kept on wondering how could they suffer such an embarrassing defeat in the hands of the underdog soldiers of Ai? Then Joshua and the elders of Israel wept before the Lord to find an answer to the cause of this embarrassing defeat.

It was from the Lord that they knew the cause of this defeat. God told them that they have sinned. He said they have broken the covenant He had with them by stealing some of the accursed things and kept them among their own stuff. (Joshua 7:11) Because of this, God told them they could not stand before their enemies. He said they are doomed to destruction because He would no longer be with them unless they remove and destroy the accursed things. This was exactly what they did. Achan was identified as the culprit who brought the accursed things to the tent. He was stoned to death and burnt to ashes. After this the Lord gave them victory over the city of Ai.

If you have suffered an embarrassing defeat, examine yourself critically before blaming other people. Go to the Lord and ask for revelation. Information alone will not give you the victory. In these days of Information Technology, people are more attracted to seeking information on the internet than seeking revelation from the Lord. Joshua and the elders of Israel did not go around looking for information on why they lost the battle against Ai, rather, they went to the Lord for revelation. The revelation they got from the Lord made them to reclaim their victory. Mind you, I am not against information, but I give revelation priority over information where it is impossible to marry the two together.

Is there any accursed thing in your life? Envy and bitterness could be the accursed thing you have buried in your heart. It could be gossip or fornication. It could be pride and greed. Your tithe that you refuse to pay may be the accursed thing causing you defeat in the area of your finances. Bring all the accursed things out, stone them and set them on fire. You will surely be victorious in your next battle.

Dr. Kayode Fanilola (

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