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What You See Is What You Get

Delivered by Dr. Kayode Fanilola (Throne Of Grace Ministries), June 7, 2007.  

TEXT: Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive me in your ways. (Psalm 119:37)

David passionately prayed to God to turn away his eyes from looking at worthless things because he did not want to receive worthless things at the end. The worthless things in the days of David are a child play to the worthless things that devil is using to entrap people today. Almost 75% of the movies produced in the United States have crime and pornographic related themes. In the days of David, there was no internet technology, yet David was still fervently praying that God should turn his eyes away from worthless things. There were no video games in the days of David, yet he prayed that God should turn away his eyes from worthless things. Pornographic magazines were not available in the days of David, yet, he begged God to turn his eyes away from worthless things.

In the days of David, women dressed maturely. They did not dress to harass men. If David were to be alive today, may be he would have asked God to remove his eyes because he would have been too week to resist the seductive spirit operating through most women. In the days of Moses, you have to physically commit adultery before you can be guilty of it. But according to the teaching of Jesus Christ, you are already guilty of adultery by merely looking at a woman seductively. That is why Jesus admonished us that if our right eye will make us to miss heaven that it is better to remove it because it is better go to heaven as a one-eyed man than to be in hell with our two eyes.

It is only after you have turned your eyes from worthless things that you can experience revival. David must have lost the fire of revival, hence he asked God to turn his eyes away from worthless things and revive him in His ways. Unless you shift your focus from worthless things, you will live a worthless destiny because what becomes the focus of your life determines your destiny. Be selective of the movies and the TV programs you watch. Be selective of the websites you visit on the internet. You must also be careful about the type of books and magazines you read. Run away from corruptible music with profane lyrics. After this, you can join David to pray another prayer that goes thus, "Open my eyes that I may see wondrous things from your law." (Psalm 119:18)

Before you can see the wonders of God, you must turn away your eyes from the worthless things of the world which devil is using to ensnare people thereby preventing them from achieving greatness. What you see very often is what you get and what you get is what you become.

Dr. Kayode Fanilola (

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