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Spread It Before The Lord

Delivered by Dr. Kayode Fanilola (Throne Of Grace Ministries), June 5, 2007.  

TEXT: After King Hezekiah received the letter and read it, he went up to the temple and spread it before the Lord. (Isaiah 37:14)

I don't know the type of threat letter you have received that has made you to be panic. Is it a foreclosure notice over a house you have lived in for more than twenty years? Is it a lay off notice from your present job which you so much like? It may be a deportation letter from the immigration department. It may even be a letter of intent to revoke your professional license. Is it a bad medical report from the diagnosis that was conducted on you recently? It may even be an eviction notice from your Landlord. I will encourage you not to panic but to do what King Hezekiah did when he received a threat letter from King Sennacherib.

Sennacherib, the King of Assyria had threatened to destroy the city of Jerusalem. He reminded King Hezekiah how he destroyed all the nations he had fought before. He told Hezekiah that his God cannot deliver him from his hand. The threat letter was delivered to King Hezekiah by the servants of King Sennacherib. When Hezekiah got the letter, he read it and quickly went to the temple and spread the letter before the Lord. Hezekiah told God about all the threat of Sennacherib.

The Lord sent Prophet Isaiah to Hezekiah that the army of Assyria will not enter into the city of Jerusalem and that not even a single arrow will be shot in that city. That night, the angel of the Lord walked through the camp of Assyria and in the morning about 185,000 soldiers were found dead. They have become corpses. (Isaiah 37:36) I pray in the name of Jesus that the angel of the Lord will walk through the camp of your enemy tonight and all your enemies will become corpses tomorrow morning.

Go to the Lord today and spread that problem before Him instead of sharing your tales of woes with people who will prefer to mock you than to join you in prayer.

Dr. Kayode Fanilola (

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