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God Knows Your Limitations and Fears

Delivered by Pastor Kayode Fanilola (Throne Of Grace Ministries), June 13, 2007.  

TEXT: He leads me beside the still waters. (Psalm 23:2b)

The entire 23rd psalm is a metaphor of the relationship between the shepherd and the sheep. The appropriateness and accuracy of this metaphor to the relationship between God and a believer can only be done by somebody who has had a long experience as a shepherd. David was no doubt more than qualified.

To start with, the sheep is a very timid creature. It is always afraid of fast moving stream. Also, the sheep is a poor swimmer. The reason is very clear. The sheep is covered by a heavy coat of wool. The water soaked into the sheep's coat and pulls it down. It is like somebody trying to swim with his overcoat. Apart from this, no matter how thirsty, the sheep will not drink from a fast moving stream. The shepherd will look for still waters where the thirst of the sheep may be quenched. If he cannot get a still stream, he will get some stones and stack them to fashion a dam across the fast moving stream.

The shepherd will never laugh at the sheep for being a poor swimmer. Also, the shepherd will not force the sheep to swim or to drink in a fast moving stream. He knows the limitations and fears of the sheep. In the same manner, God knows our limitations. He knows our fears. God does not condemn us because of our weakness. He will not force us to do any work that is beyond our strength and ability. Most importantly, just as the shepherd look for and leads the sheep to still waters, so also the Lord will minister to our needs in the most comfortable and conducive environment. God will not lead His children to a scary and dangerous place to give them their needs.

If He is leading you, follow Him. He knows where the still waters could be found.

Dr. Kayode Fanilola (

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