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The Unwilling Servants are often the chosen of God!

Voice of Grace (Sunday Spiritual Menu Series)

Delivered by ASE Joseph Olorunnisola, July 2, 2006 

Manifestation of his Mandate through work of miracle.

Today’s lessons have been taken from Exodus 4: 1-10 and II Corinthians 12: 1-10.
Exodus 4 informs us about Moses’ call and commission by God.

Who am I that I should go unto Pharoh. For Pharoh was about the greatest king in the world then. He was holding a position that was equivalent to that of the President of The United States. For a slave and more seriously, a fugitive offender to be commissioned to challenge such a king is almost unthinkable, but Moses was commissioned by Almighty God, the only King of Kings and Lords of Lords. When you are truly commissioned by God, you are having the backing of the Supreme power of the heavens behind you. Every other power is irrelevant .Israelites say to me, “What is his name”. What shall I say unto them?
Again, Moses gave six other excuses why God should leave him alone and look for somebody else to send, but God was never impressed by the excuses. Despite all the signs and wonders shown by God to convince Moses, he remained recalcitrant.

Moses finally told God clearly in verse 13, I am not interested in this mission please look for somebody else and God’s anger was kindled – against him.

Such was the situation with Gideon, Jeremiah, Jonah, Elijah and even Paul, the great apostle of old. They were all forced into the ministry by the shining hand of God against their fear and. Others, biblical leaders though not forced never expected or worked for the call. They were simply God’s calling is certainly not of might, wisdom, dedication or intellect but simply by his grace and “by my spirit” said the lord of hosts. Zech. 4:6. Three characteristics are common in all that are called by God: humility, purity of mind, and callousness.
These reluctant and indifferent men of God called and commissioned by Christ are often powerful and successful leaders. Their callings are often accompanied by divine signs and miracles. However, those who aspire and climb up the ladder through strategic mischief and calculated carnal devices of men are often poor leaders. Followership is achieved through lying, deception, undeserved cheap favors and confusion. They would face, lice integrity and compromise righteousness to get to power and remain in power. Their ministry is never established and their ends leave no mark an the … of time. If you are called, your infirmities, handicap’s and weaknesses, are no barriers; for Christ said unto Paul, “my grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” May the good Lord of Sabbath bless you all.

ASE Joseph Olorunnisola, Voice of Grace Parish, Ewing, New Jersey

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