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The Devic Kingdom of the Angels (Part III of III)

Delivered by ASE Joseph Olorunnisola, March 12, 2007.  

CHEERLEADERS: Sometimes you are confined with the need to make a drastic decision in your life, a change that would make your life better, happier and peaceful. But you are concerned about what people will think or say about you: people’s reaction become the artificial barrier between your joy/success and agony, you feel pain and guilt because of other people’s opinion. If you call for support of the cheer angels through your guardian angel, their voices will come to you saying “we like who you are and deserve to be happy, go for it and ignore people’s reaction.” These angels will continue to cheer you up—don’t give up; everything is going to be okay, we are proud of you. Your deepest desires are sometimes difficult to achieve because you look down on yourself, you judge yourself too harshly or listen to the advice of others instead of your inner self. Taking a plunge may involve one or two risks and a period of desertion by friends or relatives, but remember it is only temporary, your cheering angels and guardian angel will soon see you back on a more glorious track. If you are taking an unkind, destructive or steps that are outside the confines of God’s commandment, the cheering angels will remain silent and only leave your guardian angel to record.

ANGELS OF THE MOMENT: THE RESCUERS    There is a class of angels charged with rescue operations. They are normally on call by your guardian angels in very dangerous situations that are evidently beyond the control of your guardian angel. (see CCC Hymn 459) These angels of the moment rescue us in different ways. If we are in grave danger of being physically injured, they will do whatever is required to rescue us as long as we are not resistant. Angels of the moment sometimes appear as human or they may come in full angel regalia to rescue someone from the throes of death. Jonah was thrown into the sea and a rescue angel in form of a fish swallowed him and took him on the third day to the shores of Nineveh, Jonah 1:17, so also was Daniel rescued from the lions den by a rescue angel of the moment. Dan 6:16-22. One should also appreciate that the angels that rendered open the gates of prison, destroyed the shackles and that brought Peter out at midnight, were from the rescue team. Act 12:5-10. If you are indeed faithful, you would testify to this wonderful Divine Grace, but if your time is up, the rescue angels are rendered helpless by the greater plan of God, Psalm 50:14-15.

HEALING ANGELS  Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Chief Physician of heaven. Healing angels can help us heal our illness by channeling healing rays from the Lord. They can help us settle our conflicts with other human beings. They can relay messages of forgiveness and reconciliation to others in our lives if we are willing to forgive and forget. Even if the people in questions are no longer alive, angels can reach them. Since angels are mostly responsible for coincidences, they can arrange for you to find the right doctor for your particular condition. They can also rearrange your cells on a microscopic level and recharge your immune system with energy. Angels do not compete with medical doctors, but most of the time, inspire them with divine guide.

WORRY EXTINGUISHERS: “And which one of you, by worrying and being anxious can add one measure to his stature or to the span of his life” Matt. 6:28. Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious. Angels love to destroy worry and anxiety. To worry is to torment, is to disturb yourself with thoughts. Worrying means you are harassing yourself with anxiety over what might happen or over the consequences of what has already happened. Worry defeats its supposed purpose by not giving you the chance to solve the problem that is worrying you. For if you are worrying all the time, you are taking this world of vanity too seriously. Why stay up at nights, worrying about a problem when the solution may be available only in a dream. Use your guardian angel to call in the worry extinguishers,  ignore the problems and see how they will be resolved.

CONCLUSION  There are so many classes of angels of divine providence which space constraint would not allow us to mention. Importantly however, to see the angels of light, enjoy their service, and be assured of eternal salvation, the following is the key:

  •  Be pure and innocent in your heart; holding no hatred, grudge or envy for anyone (Matt 5:8)

  • Let your life radiate divine love, peace and kindness, giving of your blessings and possessions generously to the poor. Heb 12:14, Prov. 21:13. Matt 5:8)

  • Avoid negative thoughts as it depresses vitality, destroys your immune system, pollutes your environment and biases your perceptions in favor of detecting and focusing on the negative aspects of existence. Angels are agents of joy.

  • Wake up and stop any automatic behavior or habit that prevents you from experiencing the beauty of joy of life.

  • Do not over react or over interpret situations that come your way. Compare them only with themselves; they are neither good nor bad. See them only as interesting.

  • Don’t let other people’s behavior interfere with your happiness. Perceive others as innocent and adopt an attitude of optimism, regarding their intentions. They are neither good nor bad. See them as fascinating and interesting.

  • Discover the causes of your worry and be willing to give them up, angels will step in and help you.

  • Love totally and give out your abundance of happiness. Make at least one person happy each day and in forty years, you would have made 14600 people happy. When you are watching your life review, you may have cause to smile and be at peace with your destination

  • Forgive every offender, and forgive every offense against you.

  • Be truthful and straight forward. Truth is a pathless land. There is no need seeking it through any law, tenet or lecture. The key is to free your mind of fear, hatred, envy, pride and violence.

  • Know the key elements of lightness: authentic charm, sweetness, wit and humor. These key elements put people at ease and create comfort in any situation. Avoid criticism, complaining, confrontation, attacking and tattletale behavior. They are not constructive, positive or healthy.

ASE Joseph Olorunnisola.

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