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The Devic Kingdom of the Angels (Part II of III)

Delivered by ASE Joseph Olorunnisola, March 4, 2007.

Angels are messengers of divine Providence. They are heaven-sent agents who are always available to help us create heavens here on earth. Angels are always usually depicted with halos, aura of white dazzling light that encircle their heads; sometimes they appear huge – 70ft to 80ft tall in dazzling, blinding white light. Their wings symbolize the quickness with which they travel carrying God’s messages. The halos or white light encircling their heads symbolize their origin or home and also serve as the magnetic point connecting them to their control center.

In view of space constraint, I will limit the write up to explaining further some few classes and their specific assignments and what we can do to attract them, but it is important to appreciate that angels are very busy and they exist in many places at once. If we could see them readily we would experience chaos and we might all go crazy except those who are used to spiritual realm. When saints and prophets hear voices and see visions some people get frightened and label them as insane because they are un-informed.

ANGELS OF DARKNESS: But Lucifer rebelled and was thrown out of Heaven – Rev. 12:7, creating the Kingdom of Darkness. Bible research reveals that the fallen Lucifer disciples or cadre of demons also watch over living individuals much as guardian angels do. The guardian demons protect their charges from misfortune, penury, accidents, untimely death, illness etc and they are also tough, protective, and as good at their assignment as angels of light. However, unlike angels of light, the guardian demon does not face any moral problem. The more wicked and sinful their charges/patients are, the happier, more effective and ruthless demons are in ensuring the security and happiness of those trusting in Satan.

The guardian demons are highly effective and scary and because evil will triumph six -seven out of ten times, demons are able to win converts easily, particularly among those impatient beings of lesser faith who window-dress their lives with holy bibles and Holy Koran. Men find it faster to obtain blessings whether financially or materially and even fruits of the womb and healing through unrighteousness, and fetish powers of angels of darkness, but such blessings are never enduring or permanent. “As the partridge sitteth on eggs and hatcheth them not, so he that getteth riches, and not by righteousness, shall leave it in the midst of his days, and at his end shall be a fool.” Jer. 17:11. Because satanic gifts/blessings are fake, they come fast and also disappear fast.

GUARDIAN ANGEL: This is a divine messenger attached to you specifically to protect you, guide, guard and inspire you through earthly passage. Exod. 23:20, Psa 91:11. He will, however, never control you or take away your free will. His voice/advice is gentle, soothing and peaceful, more often difficult to hear. Anytime you decide to disobey him and do evil, he keeps silent and watches. He will not prevent or stop you because you are the master. He has no power to forgive you your sins; all he does is to document it in your record of life. It is for God to forgive or transfer it to the book of judgment. Most people do not take angels seriously. This is fine with the angels because they are free from the seriousness of our realm. They see most human beings as being consumed with seriousness of this empty world. Angels teach us that nothing in this our realm is really serious, because all things in this world are temporary. We human beings can perform feats of amazing creativity if our minds are free of the weights of seriousness. We can heal ourselves of diseases and we can turn our lives around by changing the way we think and operate.

Angels recognize the great number of higher possibilities with which human beings are blessed. They are assigned to teach human beings the way of lightness so that human potentials can become human realities. Being human is what angels envy at times. They envy our freedom of choice and freewill which give us tremendous creative power and ability to change our assumed destiny. Your guardian angel will never interfere with your God given freewill and freedom of choice – our choice which often accounts for those ups and downs we experience along the path we have chosen. It is acknowledged that human beings are influenced by the range of intensity of emotions they choose – broad range from immense pain to great joy or subtle range, from moderate joy to moderate sadness.

Other forces affecting human life cycle include natural biorhythms, the season of the year, energy waves, astrological movements and particularly the test of faith, for only self created grace is free, divine grace in Christ could be very expensive sometimes costing you your life, Ph. 1:29, but it is grace because it provides you with the key to eternal glory which you have not worked for. Our choices and faith can, however, help shift the lower energy days unto a lighter and more energetic direction so that the low points in our lives are transformed or transcended. Your guardian angel works behind the scene to inspire in you, your inborn gifts of talent and genius. He also works around the clock in divine timeless dimension to synchronize your life. His main function is to keep you from feeling un-important in this vast sea of humanity. One critical point about angels is that they don’t hurt us, they help us. Any message, experience, thought or happenings that interfere or limit our wellbeing and separate us from our highest self do not originate from angels of God. Angels exist in a realm of positive, loving energy and sincere love.

The bottom line is that God is love and we are loved unconditionally by God. We are always free and unlike the angels we are given free will and right of choice. God does not love us because of what we have done or what we are. He loves us upfront and whenever we need this love it is consistently made available to us through his angels of light.

Whenever you are in trouble, in serious illness, at war with hills and mountains of evil and wickedness or even when you are asking for God’s favor on anything, your guardian angel can always seek assistance from the appropriate quarters and higher levels. These various quarters and levels of angels will be considered in the concluding third part of the message. May the perfect love of the everlasting father and grace and peace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to abide with you. Happy Sabbath day.

 To be continued.

ASE Joseph Olorunnisola.

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