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Waiting I


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Waiting is not Wasting I

TEXT: Psalm 27: 13 - 14

I would have lost heart
Unless I had believed
That I would see the
Goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

Wait on the Lord,
Be of good courage
And He shall strengthen your heart
WAIT, I say, on the Lord (NKJV)

Have you ever found yourself on a long line waiting to obtain something you desperately need? I am sure you have! We all have at one time or the other had to wait on a line to get money from the bank, buy stamps at the post office and commonly to buy food and drinks at the restaurant. You know how that feels, don't you? Anxious to get our turn at times we became so impatient that we quit and leave because the line is too long. There is this common phrase - "I can't wait" on our lips from time to time.

As I was going through the most depressive moment of my life, anxious and desperate for a relief - this phrase "I can't wait…" was always on my lips everyday until I got this divine revelation about waiting.

WAIT! Is one of the common answers that Christians can get from God for their requests? You say "What do you mean?" I mean a lot of times when you ask God for something (A job, a wife, a husband, a child, healing, release from prison, a new house, a new car, etc.) the answer you are likely to get is "WAIT!"

Wait does not mean No! Wait means Yes! You'll get it but not right now. It means Yes! I will, but I have something better for you. It means Yes! But at the right time. God wants you to wait just like you tell someone to wait or someone tells you to wait. But there is a big difference in waiting on the Lord and waiting on men.

David said "I would have lost heart…". Oh yes, I would have said "forget it", I would have given up, I would have committed suicide, I would have asked for divorce from troubled home, I would have quit my job as no promotion or a raise is forthcoming. This is the main reason why many people cannot wait - "They loose heart".

You just can't see it coming - you lose heart. There is no end to the tunnel - you lose heart. The pain is unbearable - you lose heart. The circumstance is getting worse - you lose heart.

David said, "I would have lost heart but thank God I did not, because I believe!" David was surrounded by enemies hunting for his life, the powers that were greater than him, there was no way of escape. But David did not give up - "He believed". He believed in the source of his goodness - the Lord. He believed that God will save him for a purpose. He believed, therefore, he could wait on the Lord.

Who are you waiting on? The Lord or a Man? Do you believe in whom you are waiting on? If you go to the bank and you know you will get what you want, you will definitely wait. If you cannot believe God, you cannot wait on Him. See Heb 10:23 (… He who promised is faithful). God is faithful. If He promised, He will surely fulfill.

Why do we have to wait on the Lord? Or why does God always want us to wait? I have been able to come up with four reasons why God will want you to wait:

1. "There is reformation in waiting". See Romans 5:3-4 "… tribulations produce perseverance and … hope". See also Job 23:10 "… When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold". Waiting tests your perseverance and your perseverance establishes your faith.  God will never entrust His kingdom to anyone that cannot persevere. So when you ask God for anything, He needs you to wait, to reform you to the right person that deserves what you are asking for. Think about it, if you have spent so much money on medicals trying to have a child and you finally succeed after a long wait, I bet you'll cherish that precious gift of God more than anything in the world. God will not set you free from prison if He knows that you are not ready to live your free life for Him. Job said, "…I shall come forth as gold." When you wait on the Lord, you will definitely come forth as gold. I really don't know what you are going through right now, but what I know is that you are being prepared and reformed for the best of your life - "so be of good courage". I have been there, I'm not telling you what I think, and I'm telling you what I know.

2. There is a lesson for you to learn while you wait: Jesus said - "whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight" -- Matt 10:27. Paul said "… Everywhere and in all things, I have learned to be full and to be hungry - Phil 4:12. Our waiting in time is always a dark time. When all hope is lost, forsaken by friends, homeless, broke and sick. But I tell you if you are truly waiting on the Lord, you will learn so much that you will need when the dawn is here. There are lots of things that God will want you to learn while waiting. You must pay attention to those things. I tell you, what Joseph the son of Jacob learned in Potiphar's house (Gen 39:5) as a slave and what he learned in the prison (Gen 39:22) as a prisoner, he used to his excellence when he became Egypt's prime minister. I believe you know the difference between a slave, a prisoner and a Prime Minister. Whatever state of mind you are right now, whatever status of life, remember what you learn, because you will need them when God exalts you to the highest position of joy and peace. "Don't waste your wait, it is a blessing".

3. God is preparing you as a testimony of His greatness: "…That you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light. I Peter 2:9 (NIV) See Is 43:10 and Romans 4:21-23. God is able to do all things, when He wants and how He wants. When you are waiting, you at times take your sight off Jesus and start to lean on your own understanding. You pay the best lawyers for your case and see the best doctors for your sickness, but when all these things fail, He (God) will show up with His supernatural power, for you to know that He is God and His glory He will share with no one. God can make you the Sarah and Abraham of our time, He can make you an Israelite by the Red Sea, if he wants He can make you the Joseph. Then your testimony will be written in the hearts of men who will praise God with you and acknowledge His awesome power. That is why you are not getting what you want right now, so that the doctor will not think he did it, or your friends or your money or your lawyer. It is going to be nothing but God, through Christ Jesus.

4. God will not take you out of it! He will take you through: "When you pass through the waters I will be with you." Is 43:2. If you have your Bible, please read the above text completely for you to see why you have no reason not to wait when God says wait. I would have expected God to say, "I will take you out, instead of "I will be with you". Yes! God is with you as you go through what you are going through. It is a journey that will come to an end, but God is with you. You remember Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (Dan 3:24) they were thrown into a fiery furnace, but Christ was with them. Christ is with you right now and that is why you have not lost your mind in this time of trouble. However, if you don't surrender to Him, you will have to go through it by yourself and that will be an endless journey. Tell Him, "I know you want me to wait in this furnace, I need you to be with me so that it will not burn me". So many men and women have given up their lives when crises struck because they had no Christ to carry them through. You will need Him for you cannot do it by yourself.

I will stop here for now, but before I stop, I will like to pray with you, to bring before God your problems and to invite Him to your life to be able to wait. Let's pray:

Our father in Heaven, with praise and adoration we come before you,
For we know that you have a perfect plan for our lives.
Our world is full of pains and sorrows, loneliness and depression.
Some of us are under the influence of Satan and we need deliverance.
Come now into our sorrow, and bring perfection out of our weaknesses.
Give us the courage to stand and wait to see your goodness in the land of the living.
I pray for every reader of this message that they be strengthened in their afflictions
And be delivered from the oppressor's power; by the power of the lamb Jesus Christ (Amen.)

Reader, stand encouraged for after every darkness, there is light. In the coming study, I will discuss what you need to be able to wait and what you cannot do while you wait on the Lord!

If you have any questions or prayer requests, you me send me an email ( and I will pray for you in the name of Jesus. If we have any prophesy for you while we pray for you, we will bring God's response to you as soon as possible.

Till then, stay blessed!

For the Celestial Church of Christ Gospel Corner, Senior Evangelist Victor Aigbogun [Victory Temple, London]


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