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Church Crisis Management -- A Divine Inspirational Concept

By Prophet Segun Aigbogun, Victory Temple Ministry, Inc.

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Crisis is one of the mysteries of God that men and mostly theologians are yet to understand. When Crisis hits, you ask so many questions that you possibly will not get an answer to.

Philosophers believe that CRISIS is the vehicle of inventions, the motivation to creativity and the foundation for change. Which means revolution in is literary meaning is crisis.

 But men of faith will not think of crisis as anything less than the preparation for a greater thing. Paul in Romans 5: 3 thought of crisis as the only thing that brings experience and experience build character and Character builds hope. Job saw crisis as a process of refining, where after going through the Fire (CRISIS) he (Job) will come forth as Gold (Job 23:10). With this in mind we admonish ourselves during crisis to stand firm and wait for the glory of God.

 The process of faith is the process of Crisis management- understanding the crisis, evaluating the causes, reviewing options and taking steps of faith. We apply this to our day-to-day lives and we keeping going on and on even in the face of the most threatening crisis.

 Considering what the church is going through today, in one of the lowest level of my life, I asked series of questions. One of those questions was; “ Why is the CHURCH so full of CRISES?” The answer I got led to the writing of the book; “Church Crisis Management- A divine Inspirational Concept”.

In this book, the Lord exposed my mind to the major Crises that the Church is facing as a body of Christ. They are highlighted as:





These major crises are highly discussed on the basis of their causes, examples and situations as well as God given inspiration of  “how to deal with them”.

 Every crisis that the Church is going through today has not been different from what you see in the Pre-Christ association of God’s people (Old Testament), Christ-time association of Christ followers (The Apostles) and the Post-Christ association of Christ followers (the Church). The underlining causes of the crises at these various periods are the same and the principle of dealing with them has not changed. Therefore, all discussions in this book have been based on scriptural principles.

What is your Church crisis at this time?

·        Membership crisis with little congregation or fewer than expected members? Do you think it is fault as a Pastor, or you inherited this problem based on the doctrinal crisis your head church is facing? Or you think the wrong elders surround you. Or, Elders! You think it is your Pastor.

·        What do you expect? Fewer members, little offering! That is financial crisis around the corner.

The scripture answers all these questions and many others.

 Please take your time to review the presentation on leadership crisis and have a taste for the book.

 This presentation is drawn from the book and has been presented to many Church leaders and Church administrators in Europe and America. These presentations are given free of charge with workshops for Pastors and their board, Church Pastors and their elders to foster a greater teamwork spirit that will lead to a better turnover. It is Gods inspirational method of how to deal with Membership Crisis – “Jesus Christ principle”.

 It is my prayer that the Lord will bless His church.

 Enjoy the slide viewing; you will have a detailed understanding when we present this to your church. There are presentations on Membership crisis and Financial Crisis. We are likely to have copies of the book available to you anytime from now.


Please forward your comments and questions to us at

“For His banner over us is LOVE”

 Your prayer request and counselling will be treated with urgency and all confidentiality.

 Prophet Segun Aigbogun, Victory Temple Ministry.

London. Los Angeles. Atlanta

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